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Mars Retrograde 

Heated words are more likely to erupt as Warrior God Mars stations (stops to turn) retrograde October 30, 2022, but Mars Retrograde doesn’t have to be a “bad” thing. Yes, Mars is one of the Wild Rogues and considered a “malefic” influence, but try viewing this modern Ruler of “Me First” Aries as one inciting you to review where you really should take action and make a change. 

The Shinier Side

In “I Have A Question Gemini,” Mars can boost your curiosity and courage to investigate things you may have previously downplayed or chosen to ignore. 

The Darker Side

And, it can also act as the spark that ignites outrage, righteousness and, ahem, heated words.

Additionally, the planet of communications, Messenger Mercury, just transited (moved) into “Super Sleuth” Scorpio, a secretive, sexy and shadowy sign. Even heated words spoken only in your mind will gnaw at you. You’ll need to deal with them.

As with any retrograde, taking a breath (or ten) before letting your reaction to anything is recommended. Remember the tri-fold nature of Scorpionic energy (see Shamanic Weather for the New Moon Solar Eclipse https://maraclearspring.com/heart-opening-scorpio-new-moon-eclipse/) and use the Shamanic Power Animal Archetypes of Scorpion, Eagle and Phoenix to move through triggers. 

The Long Game

The world-changing dynamic of the lengthy Saturn/Uranus Square (challenge) is still such a strong influence. Watch for that tension between tradition and innovation, hierarchy and anarchy, conformity and rebellion as it erupts in your life and in the world around you. 

And In Play Now

Mars Retrograde is another potent catalyst in the Eclipse Transformation Tunnel that began with the New Moon Solar Eclipse on October 25 and completes on November 8, US election day, with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. This process can be very messy. Awareness helps us all keep our cool around heated words.

Make this a Mars Retrograde to Roar about!

Namaste ~ Mara

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Shamanic Weather Disclaimer

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