First Shamanic Training

First Step Shamanic Training is designed to get your connection flowing with your guides and power animals.

In this beginning level shamanism course you learn how to journey (enter the altered state), what kind of journeys to take, and what to do while in a journey, with focus on safe practices and techniques.

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Second Step Shamanic Training

Intermediate level Second Step takes you deeper into journey practices and other common tools of shamanism. You have opportunities to journey for other students, connect with ancestors,  learn how to clear space, and acquire skills for shadow work and divination.

Upon successful completion you have the necessary tools to practice Shamanism for yourself and others competently and safely.

Journey Quest

Explore advanced shamanic training in this ever growing, organically informed course. Subjects covered change each six month Journey Quest adventure. Offered to grads of First and Second Step Shamanic Training.

Recommended for those who wish to go deeper into Shamanism and for professionals seeking continuing education. In Spirit Option now available. Fall Course Registration is now OPEN.

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About Group Shamanic Training:

When we find each other, we know it. We feel comfortable; we drop into an easy flow of smiles and hugs. Sometimes we are shocked to learn a friend from work is sitting across the Circle from us (it has happened!). Our instincts and deepest wisdom bring us together.

The clear, supportive container and group momentum help us develop and hone our shamanic skills.

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Personal Shamanic Training

Go one-on-one with Mara with her Personal Shamanic Training Program. This is the most intense way to delve into your shamanic self and all the natural talent within you.