About Soul Retrieval

About Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval can be a life-changing experience and I advise anyone considering Soul Retrieval to be aware that when we undertake this path of self change and discovery, our jobs, relationships and living circumstances may alter accordingly.
From the moment we are born we are exposed to situations that can bring about soul loss. In speaking of the soul I am referring to that essential life force energy we incarnate with, all that is our personal being in spirit now anchored in a physical body.

How do we lose pieces of our soul?

Parts can leave when we experience situations where our soul feels death is imminent, or preferable, such as trauma at birth, accidents, illness, near death experiences, death of a loved one, divorce, miscarriage/abortion, repeated emotional/physical abuse, molestation, rape, sudden shocks or witnessing events such as these.
Soul parts separate as a survival mechanism in the face of such stress, and generally the big parts don’t come back without assistance. In the Western world you may draw a parallel to this experience with dissociation.

What happens when we lose soul parts?

Our life force energy is diminished and we become vulnerable, literally feeling that “hole in our soul.” We may try to fill that hole with other energy, such as food or sex or mind-altering substances, addictive relationships or behaviors, or other people’s soul parts. Any or all of these ways we try to regain our lost energy can drive a self-perpetuating downward spiral as more stress creates more soul loss.
Healing at the energetic level begins with returning you to wholeness, your missing soul parts returned to you. Soul Retrieval complements any other healing program you may choose.

How does it work?

What I do is journey into shamanic reality and find those parts for you and ask them to come back. There will be some significant parts, and many smaller ones. I may bring you the story of each part, or not, as is appropriate.
If you have “privacy shields” up, which means something is not for me to view, that’s fine as the Guides do the work behind the scenes and the parts are still restored. I bring back as many parts as will come in the First Session.
Additional parts return spontaneously after your session as they are attracted to your growing integrity. I will also retrieve at least one Power Animal for you who provides extra protection and the opportunity for you to become a master of your own destiny.

What will you feel?

For most the process is deeply relaxing. People report different experiences such as tingling, pulling, see visions of their own, and more. Many people experience emotional release in tears or other profound feelings in the weeks that follow. This is a natural result of the reclamation process – lost feelings are revealed as the parts rejoin. I advise my clients to simply sit with them, let them flow through, not make themselves wrong or bad, and allow the integration to be a sacred process.

You can schedule your First Session, which includes Soul Retrieval, right HERE.