About Shamanism

Shamanism is the framework we use to understand and navigate the unseen energetic world that surrounds us.

In each indigenous culture there has been some version of the shaman, one who can see beyond the five senses and act on behalf of the tribe to intervene at the spiritual level. Shamans tracked the hunt, healed the sick, prayed the rain, and brought counsel to the people and leaders of the tribe.

The practitioner has spirit guides or helpers that assist them, power animals that protect them, and an understanding of working within this world of energy and archetypes.

We track and heal emotional wounds, unhealthy relationships, loss of personal energy and motivation, and any other condition that is addressable at an energetic level.

Dr. Villoldo tells the story of the Western man and the tribal man. Both enter the jungle and are attacked by a jaguar and both miraculously survive. The Western man gets a gun and learns how to shoot it to feel able to protect himself and be safe. The tribal man goes to his shaman and asks, “what can I do to come back into ayni (right relationship) with jaguar energy?” For he understands that some part of him was out of alignment with the rest of life, leaving him vulnerable.

And so we learn to understand and flow with the cycles of life and relationships, letting go of that crazy idea that we can control the world. We invite help from Spirit and undertake the path of healing.

My Shamanic Awakenings

As a child I found myself talking to the animals, plants, the mountains and the wind. If I was upset and inconsolable, I’d climb a tree and tell it my woes, even in the rain. I remember running up and down the street, trailing a stick with a piece of yarn in the rain gutters, singing to the rainbows.

This was normal for me but regarded as fanciful and perhaps even weird by my family. Later in my life I discovered I was doing something quite natural and sane, just not typical for someone raised in a typical twentieth century American family.

Indigenous peoples throughout the world have held our Earth Mother, the Stars, the Elements and all living things in great reverence as a part of daily life.

In the Shaman’s eyes, everything is animated, all part of the One. Shamans have refined their senses beyond the five well known, found ways to journey through the different realms and realities of life, and use their intent and vision to heal and change the world.

Through my studies and training I learned that I am a Shaman at heart. I have used Shamanism for personal healing and development. Now as a Shamanic Practitioner, I move through the different levels of life and death to bring healing for my clients. I can work through the level of the Soul/Spirit to bring healing in the Emotional, Mental and Physical layers for my clients.

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