Second Step Shamanic Training

Peace Wheel Second Step Shamanic Training

taken by Mara at Lake Murray, California

Come into closer relationship with your Guides and Power Animals and learn more techniques for shamanic journey and practices in Second Step Shamanic Training.

  • Delve into the Shadows
  • Understand your Shamanic Tools
  • Embrace your Ancestors
  • Recover Past Gifts
  • Power Up & Trust your Third Eye
  • Go Deeper with your Guides
  • Continue growing your Mesa

Take your Journey Skills and Shamanic Practices to the next level!

In First Step Shamanic Training you learned the power of traveling through the Shamanic Void supported by a group of fellow journeyers. Stay on the path and get stronger, clearer and more confident in your abilities. The healing and learning continue. Yes, it keeps getting BETTER!

Prerequisite: First Step Shamanic Training OR discuss with Mara

In Spirit Option now available!