Space Clearing

Perhaps because I was so focused on creating pockets of safety for myself as a child I have become adept at Space Clearing. I clean the disruptive or depressive energies attached to a building or land space.

The removal and subsequent repatterning begin a new cycle of healing, attracting a renewed flow of vital life force energy.

I can help a space feel better, especially for those who spend lots of time there. People look to me for Space Clearing for a variety of reasons:

Moving into a new home/office space (this can include a Blessing as well)

Resetting the energy of a home or business

● Cleansing from a major event – fire, divorce, death

There are also more disturbing and pervasive reasons for requesting a clearing:

● Persistent nightmares and sleeping problems

● Perception of entities associated with the area or hauntings

● History of “bad luck” and other problems

● Knowledge of past evil that has occurred on the premises

Think of a place in the yard or a room in the house where you grew up to which you were often drawn. Most of us have at least one spot they can remember that was extra relaxing or comforting. For example, there was a tree I would climb and “hang with” when I was particularly upset as a child – I remember sitting up there even in the rain.

You know how such a space feels; it’s soothing and safe.

Now remember a place where you didn’t feel comfortable and you avoided – a basement laundry room, a closet, the overgrown thorny corner of the yard. When you had to go in or past the place, did your stomach tighten a bit? Did you feel like you were being watched? Maybe you picked up the pace to get past it quickly, or made sure you always had the light on before going in that room. Thinking of it now may even bring back some of those symptoms of anxiety.

What we’ve been exploring are examples of energetic frequency attached to a particular physical location. How it came to be at that state can be instrumental in the remedy, so it is helpful to have a history of the place, although that is not really required. Knowing more about the location’s history and the people now in the space does help put the shamanic interpretation into real time explanation, much more satisfying for clients to hear. But the energy changes regardless of the story.

My work may include advice about placement of crystals, plants and address color and sound as well. It all depends on what comes through serving the highest and best intent. An animal guide or other guardian may decide to take up residence to continue to assist you in keeping the space clear or dedicated to a specific purpose.

Space Clearing, Home Blessing and Land Healing are available in person or by phone/email. The costs vary based on what is required; please contact me with your questions.

You may use this LINK to pay any amount!

You may also schedule and pay HERE. Chose “Shamanic Healing” when selecting from the scheduling link and pick your time and date.

Space Clearing is done remotely. Contact Mara if you wish to discuss an onsite clearing.