Healing – First Session



The first time we meet is your First Session. Almost always this includes Soul Retrieval as well as Shamanic Healing.

Please read about Shamanism and Soul Retrieval before deciding to receive your First Session.

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With my guides I work with energy, spirit and intention to bring healing to you.

During your session we can talk about what has led you to Shamanism for healing. Tell me what is going on for you now, what has happened in the past that may have encouraged soul loss, and how you would like your experience of life to change.

Amazing things happen as you speak into a sacred container set specifically for your healing.

After we talk and let the energy work you rest quietly while I take a Shamanic Journey on your behalf.

I may use crystals, the rattle, Reiki, chakra balancing, Tantra and more as a part of the process.

When I return from the Shamanic Journey, I report what happened during your soul retrieval. You may learn of new power animals and guides as well as receive homework!


After the session you will want to allow the spiritual shifts to integrate at the physical level.

Try to plan to have space and time afterward as peaceful and empty as possible, or at least very routine. Resetting your energy begins a process of change and healing that builds upon itself and may continued to be revealed days, weeks and even months later.

Use Fire Ceremony to help you integrate the changes.

Takes approximately 1-1/2 to 2 hours.

Cost: $175 for First Session

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