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Shift into a good mood and feel brighter about everything after your Shamanic Love Spa.




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Why do we “need” a Shamanic Love Spa?

We get out of the habit of focusing on loving self care and let the day-to-day necessities of life take over. Sometimes accumulations of loss, broken hearts, disappointment, disillusion, and even betrayal impede enjoyment and sabotage possibilities. Your Shamanic Love Spa helps you shift back into making self-care a priority.  

How is this Shamanic? 

You’ll receive Shamanic Treatments for heart, body, mind and soul. Your Shamanic Love Spa translates energy changes into the physical world.

I created these videos from my monthly Shamanic Life Shift Circle. Your whole being receives a releasing, relaxing, and rejuvenating experience.

Along with the feel-good work, you will also explore shamanic extraction of the old stories and the silent patterns embedded in you, clogging your psychic receptors and channels for moving with the energy of love.

What else happens?

I’ve got some tools to share with you to flow the potent energy of self-compassion, creativity, and love, and help you reclaim the passion potential we all deserve. 

And in Guided Journey, you receive a big dose of Love Medicine!

Establish a new energy pattern for ourselves, renewing our belief in the power of Love.


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