Initiation – The Shimmer Rite

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What Is The Shimmer Rite?

With the Shimmer Rite your ability to connect at the heart level expands. As the Rite grows within you, you sense others with open hearts. Perhaps they have received the Shimmer Rite, too!

You remember teachings and access deeper levels of compassion with greater ease.

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What Does The Shimmer Rite Do?

The Shimmer Rite awakens an ability we had, oh, so long ago!  

Shimmering was and is especially helpful for empaths.

Instead of being connected by heart cords, we once lived in Heart Fields that could overlap with another person or group without taking on anyone else’s energy. Sharing of ideas and feelings happened more naturally and easily. Truth and dishonesty were both more easily detected. 

Shimmering became dormant when we as a group of souls realized that in Earthly form we weren’t ready to handle the intimacy and our reactions were literally causing time/space disruptions. As we have evolved up the spiritual scale we can open this gift again.

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How I Received It

I was given The Shimmer Rite about three weeks after receiving the Munay-Ki Mentor Training. I was completing my daily practices when I received a message from my Star Being Guides.

“We’re going to give you the Shimmer Rite.”

What was that? I of course was eager to have the experience. I remained in my meditative pose and gave the “go ahead” permission.

I felt myself transported to a moonless night under a starry sky. There, two “Stars” descended and initiated my personal Shimmer Rite.

As I came to the end of the heart opening experience, tears rolled down my face. I opened my eyes to see a hummingbird dancing in front of me up and down, right and left, as if giving me a benediction.

The Shimmer Rite Personal Process

After you make your purchase here, you’ll receive a download link. Save the recording to your device or computer.

You’ll want to be in a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted. Light a candle and get comfortable. You may rest sitting up or laying down. You may choose to have a journal nearby, or some other sacred object.

Play the mp3 recording. 

When it is complete, simply rest and allow the shimmers to vibrate through your heart chakra. Imagine them spreading through your entire body, and then the room. If you are outdoors, they can continue on as far as the eye can see.

If you have an emotional reaction, that’s ok. And that’s normal. There’s a relief to setting your love vibe free!

Do You Need It More Than Once?

Yes and no. The Rite deepens and layers with each administration. So, you can go through the process on your own with the recording an unlimited number of times. Just be sure you save the recording!

You can also repeat the Shimmer Rite as an Add-On or as a separate purchase here as often as you like when you schedule your healing session. 


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