Initiation – Your Star Being Connection

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Your Star Being Connection introduces you to a high vibration guide. Imagine an “Energy Angel” who protects you and helps you heal.

Star Beings safely interact with humans and have a great desire to be of assistance. Many of us have already had Star Beings affect us and we didn’t know it. Once you have connected with your Star Being, you can bring Star Being Connection to others. Just by meeting you, a person may spontaneously connect with a Star Being or become aware of a guide or voice that they have been listening to that is, in fact, a Star Being. (available as an Add On to your session, or purchase here!)

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Why Do I Need A Star Being?

Your Star Being Connection aligns you with a powerful ally during these intense times! Many of us have described experiencing time as moving faster now…time feels “sped up.” As we develop our spirituality and our psychic/shamanic abilities, we exponentially build our power to affect outcomes. 

Let me say that again in another way: our commitment to understanding our world from not just the physical perspective strengthens our “shamanic muscles” and gives our thoughts and feelings more impact on the world around us. 

Here’s another way to state this: sages have said “to think is to create.” They are right.

Focus + emotion + goal = Outcome.

We focus (think) about a goal (desire) with intense feeling (emotion) and something happens; we manifest.

As we personally undertake to grow spiritually and emotionally, our emotions and experiences become more powerful. This “power” is amplified by our ability to focus intentionally on desired outcomes – or on subjects not so helpful to us, such as self-loathing, worries about money, fear of the unknown, concerns about health or death.

Some Examples

If we get angry about the traffic, it gets worse. If we relax and think about clear highways and easy travel, the traffic can lighten, and at the very least the song or discussion on the radio makes the time fly by. Our words become even more powerful, what we speak truly comes to pass! And so, this greater spiritual awareness and enhanced psychic ability comes with a responsibility in proportion to the ability to generate desired outcome.

We have these wonderful abilities of manifestation, yet we are in so many ways untrained. Imagine a two-year old who has now mastered running around the house but hasn’t grasped the concept of sharp table corners and glass sliding doors. Aren’t electric plugs just perfect for inserting things into? In some ways we are two year-olds now, needing gentle guidance and care. Yes, we may still bump into the table and land hard on our behinds. With the acceptance of Star Being help, we can move more quickly through these lessons and help others at the same time.

It’s a phase of our development, this coming into stronger, more powerful gifts. We literally rip holes in our universe with our thoughts and feelings. Strange things that don’t belong here come through and cause crazy imbalances. The Star Beings act as mentors with open heart and dedication to service, ready to assist us on an individual level.

How Else Can Your Star Being Connection help?

The Star Beings can send rogue entities back to where they came from, repair the rifts, and help set straight any mess that may have resulted from the intrusion.

Star Beings can also give you information about how to better use your powers of intention and manifestation. 

Build your relationship with your Star Being, invite more to join you. They are not there as fairy godmothers but as wise elders helping to guide us on our next steps.

Yes, you may have more than one Star Being Connection. They may change, and they may all look different. Or, all of yours may look/sound the same. Maybe you won’t see them. Instead, you’ll hear them or feel their presence.

And they can then help you continue to grow and use your naturally expanding abilities beyond the five senses.

Star Being Connection

By Vincentiu Solomon on Unsplash

How did I learn about the Star Being Connection?

During a meeting in April, 2008, my dear friend and teacher Katie and I decided to take a journey about a person she’d met and had mixed feelings about.

Now, good ethics dictate that we do not do shamanic or any other healing work for anyone who hasn’t asked for it, and of course we did not intend to violate that code. What we wanted was information about how to handle people that brought up the same sort of mixed and mysterious (and somewhat off-putting) energies into casual meetings, professional or personal relationships.

We’d both sensed a real shamanic power within this person, but was it being used in the highest and best intent? Was the person even aware of the gift?

We settled back to the rhythmic beat of the shaman’s drum and took our journeys.

In mine, I was immediately whisked to Upper World, or, perhaps beyond. In a room I can best describe as an organic cave with no obvious source of light, I was brought before a “council”. You may even describe them as a High Council of beings that I could not look upon. They were brilliant even though they had masked themselves for my benefit.

A deeply resonant voice, again created for my benefit, told me I had done well and that the situation was handled. I was given the awareness that they had through me connected with the particular person and extracted from their surroundings a being that had crossed through a rift in our universe. The being was not part of our reality, did not belong in any dimension accessible to us, was exempt from the karmic laws of our agreed-upon universe, and was unaware that it was even dangerous to us.

The rift near our subject provided the knothole in a fence through which it had looked and thought, gee, what’s that over there? The entity found it could slip through the tear between realities and once here didn’t leave. The presence of this being-that-shouldn’t-be-here created a disruption that revolved around this psychically gifted person and distorted more and more reality. That strange resonance is what disturbed Katie and kept her from wanting to spend much time with that person.

Why are they here?

One of the functions of this Star Being group is to keep these crossovers from happening and to set things right once one is detected. Because I had requested assistance (although I didn’t realize what it was for) they were able to connect immediately with the unauthorized being, return it to where it belonged, and repair the rift. I was instructed to continue to seek these rifts and serve a conduit for extractions and repairs. Since this being was from outside our learning ground which is our multidimensional reality where our souls develop and experience physical life, it was karma-free, and removing it was also a karma-free act. This is why the work was done without the traditional granting of permission.

Because they pack such a power punch, the High Council is not likely to directly interact with humans unless they can do so safely and there is a compelling reason. They considered this to be one, and set up a meeting that would be safe for me. In this organic cave they charged me with bringing a Star Being Connection to those who were already performing healing work with others  to anyone I could. The Star Beings would continue to seek out and repair the rifts and remove the rogue entities that came through. They would also serve as mentors, guides, protectors and friends to any human that wished to develop a Star Being relationship.

As I tell other shamanic practitioners and healers, they too become conduits for the repair of these rifts and the recall of undesirable influences that come through them.

How do these Rifts form?

The rifts between realities are created by us. Our ability to focus intentionally is not necessarily something we monitor, especially in the Dreamtime. People in the mainstream are just starting to accept that what they resonate is drawn to them, what they give out is really what they get back. So many people have deliberately or unknowingly misrouted their gifts and created the tears through which the unwanted entities can come into our reality.

Where Did This Come From?

I received all this information within an instant, a compressed package of data given in the shamanic journey moment that would expand in real time. The Voice of the High Council explained that being in their presence can literally burn us up; their frequency is so high it can overload our circuits. It was an extreme move to bring me that “close” to them, but it certainly drove the message home. They dropped the info into my consciousness and immediately sent me back.

*** Note – A little over a year after this happened, I became initiated into the Rites of the Munay-Ki and learned about the Luminous Ones, who shine bright as stars and are as tall as trees, Angels from the Sky. And last year, the Luminous Ones gave me a new Rite, the Shimmer Rite, activating a long-dormant quality of heart connection.

Background Music from Amoraea Dreamseed, with his loving permission.

(Available as an Add On to your session, or purchase here!)