Healing – Other Sessions

Additional Shamanic Healing Sessions are a natural follow-up to First Session and work well as a single focus session or overall Shamanic Tune-Up. We can continue to work on what was revealed in your First Session or on additional ways to improve your life experience and bring joy into your world!

You can schedule In Person or by Zoom, Skype or Phone. Options for one hour, 90 minute and two hour sessions available.

Scroll down for a detailed description. You can go HERE to both schedule and pay, or use the cart and schedule later.

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Where do you need support? 

You don’t have to face work stress, family drama and health challenges alone. Together we can work on subtle changes that make big differences in your day-to-day life. 

Unwind negative patterns

  • Release OPS (Other People’s Stuff).
  • Remove blockages to receiving
  • Attract more fulfilling relationships

I’d like to support you in your healing journey. Shamanic healing for heart, body, mind and soul can include messages from guides, chakra balancing, past life healing, extractions, and more.

How many sessions?

Sometimes one session is all you need. And then there are times when regular visits can keep you focused and better support your healing and growth.

Sessions may include Shamanic Reiki, extraction, cord cutting, past life healing, relationship reset, and more. If you are seeking anything in particular be sure to mention it in the notes while scheduling your session.

You can schedule a one hour, 90 minute, or two hour session. 

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