Shamanic Healing and Training
With Mara Clear Spring

Are you ready to experience shamanism, the most ancient form of energy healing?

Shamanic Healing works at the soul level to bring healing to heart, body, mind and soul.



Reclaim your Self with Shamanic Soul Retrieval. Then repattern your energetic imprints with additional Shamanic Healing, Space Clearing, and Destiny Path shifts.

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Learn Shamanic Journey and connect with your Power Animals and Spiritual Guides in heart-connected group classes or in focused, one-on-one sessions with me.

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Community soothes your heart and soul. Attend regular Shamanic Drumming or Goddess Circles, public rituals and celebrations.

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Walk the Path of Lightning with the Munay-Ki, the Nine Great Rites of Shamanic Initiation brought by Dr. Villoldo from the Incan Shamans in Peru.

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Learn Reiki for both self-healing and helping others with multi lineage Reiki Training and Attunements for Reiki I, II and Master/Teacher levels.

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Initiations are given in group classes and private sessions.

The Shamanic Weather

Happy Hippie Aquarius Full Moon

Happy Hippie Aquarius Full Moon

Happy Hippie Aquarius Full Moon July 23 2021

Shamanic Weather: The Happy Hippie Aquarius Full Moon arrives just a day after Outer You Sun glides into its sign of rulership, Heart Of The Lion Leo. Both the Sun and the Moon are at 1 degree of their respective signs!


That means we have a double dose of new frequency (transit) energy to add to the already intense flow from any Full Moon.


No lotion potion can soothe the prickled edge of your auric boundaries, although the Happy Hippie in all of us may try to find several ways to mellow out! The stimulation is real, and we need to feel, express, and roar through it. 

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Roaring Union Venus Conjunct Mars July 21 2021

Roaring Union Venus Conjunct Mars July 21 2021

Roaring Union Venus Conjunct Mars Shamanic Weather

Love Goddess Venus and Warrior God Mars conjunct in a roaring union on July 13, 2021. Their passionate encounter explodes your desires to create, be seen, adored and free!

Their rendezvous sizzles in the Lion-hearted sign of Leo! This is especially beneficial for partners in loving relationships, be they friends, business partners, or lovers.


I’ll bet it does! These two are our personal planetary archetypes for the major creation principles of Yin and Yang, inspiration and action, Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine. This influence contributed to the new lifepath power of the July 9 New Moon.

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Heart-Based Life New Moon in Cancer July 9 2021

Heart-Based Life New Moon in Cancer July 9 2021

Heart-Based Life Cancer New Moon

(The Heart-Based Life has been such a vivid focus in my work with clients, especially this week. Expect more on this topic from me in the future! Also, the Guided Journey I promised to release won’t be due to technical difficulties, including helicopters circling overhead and neighborhood excitement.)

The Cancer New Moon calls you to your authentic, heart-based life. Even if it appears your heart has led you down the wrong path in the past, or even now, go deeper still. You’ll come to your truth with a crystal clarity that makes all these trials and adventures well worth it.

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The Shamanic Weather

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