Shamanic Healing and Training
With Mara Clear Spring

Are you ready to experience shamanism, the most ancient form of energy healing?

Shamanic Healing works at the soul level to bring healing to heart, body, mind and soul.



Reclaim your Self with Shamanic Soul Retrieval. Then repattern your energetic imprints with additional Shamanic Healing, Space Clearing, and Destiny Path shifts.

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Learn Shamanic Journey and connect with your Power Animals and Spiritual Guides in heart-connected group classes or in focused, one-on-one sessions with me.

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Community soothes your heart and soul. Attend regular Shamanic Drumming or Goddess Circles, public rituals and celebrations.

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Walk the Path of Lightning with the Munay-Ki, the Nine Great Rites of Shamanic Initiation brought by Dr. Villoldo from the Incan Shamans in Peru.

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Learn Reiki for both self-healing and helping others with multi lineage Reiki Training and Attunements for Reiki I, II and Master/Teacher levels.

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Initiations are given in group classes and private sessions.

The Shamanic Weather

Making Magic Pisces Full Moon

Making Magic Pisces Full Moon

Making Magic Full Moon in Pisces Shamanic Weather

Making Magic with the Full Moon in Pisces balances the rough waters and heavy tides into calmer pools of starlight reflections.

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The predominant energy of this Making Magic Full Moon is balance. Balance is that supreme state between extremes, the space between the words, the empty and full all at once.

I Feel So Out Of Balance

We’ve been ducking those wild pendulum swings of life so long we all are a bit “seen-TOO-much” sick. The sweet medicine of the Pisces Full Moon is a space outside of time to reflect and regain our center.

We are so close to the September 22 Equinox, that twice-per-year occurrence of equal night and day. Heavenly bodies are almost evenly distributed among the four elements. And the Let’s Connect Libra Sun is opposite and perfectly balanced by the Let’s Merge Pisces Moon.


Earlier I posted to FB and IG for you to make two lists: What’s working in your life, and what isn’t.

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Fairness Matters Mars Transit Libra

Fairness Matters Mars Transit Libra


Fairness Matters even more when the “God of War, Mars,” moves into “Let’s Compromise Libra.” Mars embodies the principle of purposeful action, so when in Libra, he lends his considerable power to motivate collaboration and alignment.


Since we are already in the shadow of Mercury Retrograde in Libra, we are prematurely feeling the energy shift from Virgo’s call to be of service to Libra’s deep need to be in meaningful relationships. 

And, Mars being in Libra during the retrograde heightens the potential for relationship conflicts. Someone’s going to feel slighted, that dark side of Fairness Matters.

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Murky Waters Sun Opposite Neptune

Murky Waters Sun Opposite Neptune

Murky Waters Shamanic Weather

We’re in murky waters with the Sun opposite Neptune this week. Already you may have been falling prey to compelling illusions around, oh, anything and everything. Your commitment to yourself and your values are explored and tested in your quest to perceive and embrace the truth.

Yeah, Sometimes I’m Just Not Sure.

Outer You Sun in Priorities And Precision Virgo shines the light of what needs doing now, while Intuition Or Illusion Neptune in There Are No Boundaries Pisces spins tale after tale of coulda-woulda-shoulda, what-if’s, and why-not-me? 

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The Shamanic Weather

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