Healing Sessions

Discover Shamanic Healing and Counseling to release old habits and relationships, regain body wisdom, and clear your home and office so you can feel happier in your own skin.

Six Month Courses

Group classes help you develop new ways to heal and grow within a supportive Circle of fellow journeyers into the Shamanic Worlds.

Personal Training

Enter this customized program, personalized for you, when you feel the call deeply to study shamanism and receive initiations.

Get the Shamanic Weather Report.

What happens day-to-day in the cosmos affects our daily life experiences. The Shamanic Weather combines shamanism, astrology and oracle cards for a unique reading of the current and coming energies.

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Featured Services

Shamanic Training

ornament1 Begin the journey to meet your Inner Shaman… OR Enhance your existing healing practices with additional training!

Soul Retrieval

ornament1 Reclaim lost life force energy. Shift your life path with this ancient healing. Soul Retrieval lays a foundation for your healing

Shamanic Healing

ornament1Energy healing for heart, body, mind and soul can include messages from guides, chakra balancing, past life healing, extractions, and more.

Upcoming Events

ornament1 Monthly drop-in Circles & special events interweave members of the community into an ever changing, ever growing web.


ornament1 Nine Rites of Shamanic Initiation take you on the accelerated Path of Lightning! Recommended for students of Shamanism.