Shamanic Healing and Training
With Mara Clear Spring

Are you ready to experience shamanism, the most ancient form of energy healing?

Shamanic Healing works at the soul level to bring healing to heart, body, mind and soul.



Reclaim your Self with Shamanic Soul Retrieval. Then repattern your energetic imprints with additional Shamanic Healing, Space Clearing, and Destiny Path shifts.

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Learn Shamanic Journey and connect with your Power Animals and Spiritual Guides in heart-connected group classes or in focused, one-on-one sessions with me.

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Community soothes your heart and soul. Attend regular Shamanic Drumming or Goddess Circles, public rituals and celebrations.

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Walk the Path of Lightning with the Munay-Ki, the Nine Great Rites of Shamanic Initiation brought by Dr. Villoldo from the Incan Shamans in Peru.

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Learn Reiki for both self-healing and helping others with multi lineage Reiki Training and Attunements for Reiki I, II and Master/Teacher levels.

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Initiations are given in group classes and private sessions.

The Shamanic Weather

Virgo Full Moon – Your Shining Heart

Virgo Full Moon – Your Shining Heart

Come On Honey We Gotta Do This Virgo Full Moon arrives at 12:16 am Pacific Time Feb 27, 2021.

She stands alone in her half of the sky (see chart below), looking for support, yet remembering it must first come from within. Her lonely experience cracks you open, and through this process do you discover your own shining heart.

Virgo Full Moon - Your Shining Heart


We put up the big smile all the while holding back the flowing tears or angry growls. Not all of us do, and not all the time, but enough so that the feelings build up into a heavy burden that weighs down your belly tarnishes your soul.

So for this Virgo Full Moon, your shining heart and precious soul get a thorough polishing.

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Magical Momentum

Magical Momentum

Magical Momentum propels us toward our next quest! We have no retrograde (appearing to move backward) planets and experience many favorable aspects right up to the Full Snow Moon on 2/27/21 at 12:19 am Pacific Time. And man, are we ready for a change!


Inner You Moon in Watch Me Leo is all for some R & R as long as it is well-spiced with passion! We would like some focused personal attention, please, with plenty of the petting that makes our inner Lion purr with content. 

And on that subject of pleasurable pursuits we have some heavy players initiating some groovy gravitas in the Earth element. I’m The Yang To Your Yin Mars in Does It Feel Good Taurus harmonizes (trines) with the Dark Lord of Transformation Pluto in Firm Foundations Capricorn.

Mars identifies what he wants and how he wants to move forward with that, while Pluto helps bring about the change with steady, focused action.

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Mercury Stations Direct

Mercury Stations Direct

Messenger Mercury stations direct and completes his first retrograde of 2021 on February 20 at 4:51 pm Pacific Time. Remember, any retrograde planet exerts the most influence when it appears to stop and change direction (stations). 

And although Mercury moved through an Air (Mind) sign, Quantum Change Aquarius, many of us have been feeling the effects in our bodies. Perhaps you feel “weird” or have strangely low energy levels. This can seem mysterious until we look deeper at what could be the cause.


In my shamanic practice I’ve noticed this phenomenon when we are making major changes in our soul contracts and destiny paths. Part of us has “left” to do the work. And as the highest level soul shifts occur, the physical body needs time to realign and update.

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The Shamanic Weather

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