Your Fresh Start

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Your Fresh Start!

Shamanic Life Shift Circle for April 2023

The revitalizing energy of Spring is flowing, and you are ready for a fresh start, the next upgrade of YOU!

You Get Another Chance

I'd like to share that opportunity for a new beginning all over again with you at April's Shamanic Life Shift Circle.

We’ll move through Shamanic practices and Guided Journey to help you reset and make that Fresh Start Shift:

  • Receive a Rejuvenating Soul Wash
  • Attract Helpful Allies - Like Hummingbird!
  • Reactivate the Power of Playfulness

Magikal Drumming Weekend

Mara's Shamanic Garden 4018 Agua Dulce Blvd, La Mesa, CA

Magikal Drumming Weekend


Make and Play your Drum at our Magikal Drumming Weekend

May 27-28, 2023 at Mara's New Shamanic Oasis!

Go HERE to access details!


Don Schulz returns to guide us through making and playing our drums - and you can make a rattle, too!

Get ready for fun, laughs, and the joy of creating your own Shamanic Hand Drum.


As Don says:

“Some of the oldest Magickal tools are the drum and rattle. Here's a new opportunity to not only make one of your own, infused with your energy and spirit, but to learn more about how to use them!”