Local Soul Shifts Fall 2022

Mara's Shamanic Garden 4018 Agua Dulce Blvd, La Mesa, CA

Local Soul Shifts Fall 2022 - IN PERSON FULL

**** IN SPIRIT Now Available***

Questions? Contact Mara directly! Mara@MaraClearSpring.com or 619-972-2469 (call or text)

Have you been feeling the call go deeper in your spirituality and Shamanism?

Are you sharing your gifts and tending to your soul?

How are you growing your sense of connection and community, or not?

Shamanic Healing builds around a central practice of soul retrieval and maintenance. In Soul Shifts Fall 2022, I take you through proven healing and support practices that help you harvest the sustenance, the “grains” of the year, and prepare you for winter, the going within time.

And we do this both individually and together in an intentional Shamanic Container.


Shamanic Sound Journey – Libra Equinox 2022

Mara's Shamanic Garden 4018 Agua Dulce Blvd, La Mesa, CA

FULL - Yes, there is a wait list! 

Libra Equinox Shamanic Sound Journey

with Mara and Leslie AND Lora! Sound Medicine Sisters!

This Equinox is fully loaded with life-changing potential. Messenger Mercury is at Cazimi (in the Heart of the Sun)! This opens a portal to personal downloads, especially around your own soul journey and future. 

Experience profound healing through:

  • Multi-Dimensional Gongs and Crystal Bowls
  • Ancient Resonance Didgeridoo
  • Elemental Chimes
  • And Guided Journey

As we transport you into the altered state of the Shamanic Sound Journey.

A Holiday Handmade Gift Faire 2022

Tree of Life Metaphysical Bookstore 4870 Santa Monica Ave. Suite 1A, San Diego, CA

It's Back - The Holiday Handmade Gift Faire 2022 by The Tree of Life returns Triumphant!

Support Local Crafters and Enjoy The Good Vibes and Cheer! 

Please visit my table to say hi and shop my creations:

  • Fire Ceremony Kits - (fresh take on these travel-friendly kits!) Use the Spirit of Fire to transmute that churning anxiety into vital fuel for your dreams. 
  • Water Ceremony Kits - New! Level your waters with the gentle practice of connecting with deep, feminine healing. These bowls have been part of 13th Rite Initiations and so carry the imprint of sacred 
  • Parrot Feather Smudge Fans - I made this with feathers from Pancho, my parrot. Use them over your burning smudge or incense to spread the smoke, or as they are alone to clear yourself or your clients.

Any item you purchase I'll infuse with personalized good shamanic juju!

Small Business Saturday Virtual Holly-Daze Bazaar

Anywhere you have internet Your web connected device, All Towns

What if there was a way to: 

🎁 Honor the spirit of giving

🎁Discover some Amazing small business Soul-preneurs

🎁Treat yourself to some guilt-free holiday pampering

🎁And snag awesome seasonal deals

All while remaining in your PJs!

This Small Business Saturday, November 26th, you will have to opportunity to do all of these, and more at the HOLLY-DAZE VIRTUAL BAZAAR!

Shamanic Shifts 2023

Mara's Shamanic Garden 4018 Agua Dulce Blvd, La Mesa, CA

Shamanic Shifts 2023

The transition into the Age of Aquarius has already begun, but in 2023 the planet of transformation, Pluto, initiates 20 years of radical change by moving into Aquarius, the revolutionary sign sign of quantum possibilities.

If you are a Healer, Sensitive and/or Empath:

I highly recommend this course! You'll learn (or remember!) Shamanic Hygiene practices and tools to support you through these changes, plus receive healing and transmissions in Guided Shamanic Journey.

In these four classes you’ll progress through layers of shed skins and stubborn attachments from 2022, open pathways for healing, clear karmic soul contracts, and vision 2023 Destiny Paths.

And you'll experience the comfort of community, filling that basic human need to be seen and connected. We ALL benefit from that.

Winter Healing Ceremony at The Tree Of Life

Tree of Life Metaphysical Bookstore 4870 Santa Monica Ave. Suite 1A, San Diego, CA

Winter Solstice Public Ritual at Tree of Life

After the darkest night, the light returns…and so do Public Rituals at The Tree of Life!

Join your community in gathering to celebrate the Turning of the Wheel.

Saturday, December 17, 2022

5 pm* - $13** - limited to 30 guests!

Tree of Life Store in Ocean Beach

*Doors close and the Container is Sealed at 5 pm.

** $13 per person prepayment is required. Go HERE to register.

Winter Solstice Treasure Map of Dreams

Mara's Shamanic Garden 4018 Agua Dulce Blvd, La Mesa, CA

Creating the maps as a group effort contributes to the energy infused into your Treasure Map.

You don’t need any artistic skills! This specific Treasure Map process unfolds into an exciting, physical anchor of your intentions and goals.

Join us to Celebrate the 2023 Solar New Year and draw your Winter Solstice 2022 Treasure Map of Dreams

Wednesday, 12/21/22 

6:30-6:55 PM Smudge & Set-up

7:00 PM Start

Indoors at Mara’s Shamanic Oasis II

Your Personal Shamanic Goddess 2023

Anywhere you have internet Your web connected device, All Towns

Your Personal 2023 Goddess

Your Personal 2023 Shamanic Goddess at the Shamanic Life Shift Circle

Refresh your relationship to the Divine Feminine with your Personal 2023 Shamanic Goddess. 

She’ll help you embrace that tender, fierce feminine within you and naturally draw in more of what you’d really like to experience in life.

Zoom Soul Shifts Winter 2023

In Soul Shifts Winter 2023 you build new resting skills (doesn’t that seem ridiculous, to need that?) in a world where endless activities and information overload assault you around the clock. 

You learn more about altered states of consciousness. The dark months are a time to journey beyond the five senses!

You’ll turn on those creative juices and rediscover the power of playfulness.

  • How do you finally, intentionally, slow yourself down?
  • What’s been stirring (or stuck) in your creative waters?
  • When will you finally allow yourself to simply play? 
  • And what does playing even LOOK like?
  • Plus, how will you prepare for the rather intense Spring season ahead of us?

Great friendships form as you connect with the community, your heart-tribe, your people!

Local Soul Shifts Winter 2023

Mara's Shamanic Garden 4018 Agua Dulce Blvd, La Mesa, CA

Natural Winter Cycle

In the Winter we are called to the Womb of the Earth. The longer nights encourage less activity, more rest. Yet our modern world is bright and active 24-7, and many people suffer from poor sleep. 

That not-so-subtle pressure to continue to perform eats away at our natural desires to cocoon, nap, ruminate and enjoy simple evenings with family and friends.

When you align with the seasonal clock of the world, you learn to allow the Winter time for deep inner work and restoration.