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Advanced Shamanic Training with Mara is for those who have completed both First and Second Step Shamanic Training (or See Mara). After a year or more of shamanic training with Mara you are ready to nourish and explore your personal shamanic nature and take on deeper practices for yourself and, if you are a practitioner, with your clients.

Registration for FALL 2022 is CLOSED

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Journey Quest Community is for the one-year or more student of shamanism*** feeling the draw to continue the journey, sink even more deeply into right relationship, and honor the your shamanic calling.

Registration for Fall is CLOSED

Appropriate for practitioners wishing to expand their shamanic skill set and awareness as well as for those wishing to explore their shamanic experiences. Course material changes with each six-month module.

Offered In Person with Zoom and In-Spirit options

*** Special invitations are extended – leave a message 619-972-2469 or Contact Mara

Journey Quest Community

Together we have formed a remarkable, supportive community! We have endured and evolved through the dramatic and traumatic changes, especially during the past two years.

Now we step into 2023 and The Age of Aquarius. 

But before we “get there,” there is much to “get through.”

Keeping a higher perspective is essential, but the darkness that infiltrates the tiniest bits of day-to-day life insidiously affects our energy levels and focus, and can erode our confidence and, sadly, our trust in our Shamanic Allies and ourselves.

Not all the time, of course, but the wear and tear on the soul and soul purpose is real for the shamanic practitioner, healers, and any empath or sensitive person.

So we rediscover the magic and return to meaningful relationships and deeper commitments to what makes our soul prosper and sing!

We remember we are a community. And together, we are stronger.

I look forward to re-energizing with you!

For Graduates of Mara’s Beginning and Intermediate Training OR Contact Mara for special consideration.

Time and Dates:

7:15 to 8:45 pm Pacific Time Tuesday Evenings 

8/23, 9/6, 9/20, 10/4, 10/18, 11/1, 11/15, 11/29

Registration Options:

In Person – We meet around the Fire Ring or in my home (weather depending).

Zoom Live – You’ll be there with us! Classes are at night, so outdoor classes will have lower visibility.

In Spirit – You’ll receive recordings, audio and/or video, you can watch at your own pace.

AND – we’ll have a FaceBook group and email thread to keep in touch.



You receive a $20 discount if you Pay In Full by 8/16/22.


$400 – In Person ($100 deposit plus 3 payments of $100)

$310 – Zoom (You’ll be there Live with the In-Person class. $100 deposit plus 3 payments of $70)

$277 – In Spirit (Video and/or Audio Recordings. $100 deposit plus 3 payments of $59)

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Payments due 9/20, 10/18, and 11/15. Please don’t make me chase you! Thank you!


About Journey Quest

Our changed world is still vibrating with the pandemic panic! 

Now more than ever we need energy engineers to help restructure our reality from the soul-level down. 

We are the hollow bones flowing the highest consciousness of evolution to become real within us and around us.

We are the Vision Keepers of this new world. In this course, you renew that vision for yourself.

Together and separately, we embark into the many realms of Shamanism and continue the never ending process of healing.

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