Journey Quest


Advanced Shamanic Training with Mara is for those who have completed both First and Second Step Shamanic Training (or See Mara). After a year or more of shamanic training with Mara you are ready to nourish and explore your personal shamanic nature and take on deeper practices for yourself and, if you are a practitioner, with your clients.

Registration for LOCAL and DISTANCE Journey Quest Lineage is OPEN. 


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Journey Quest is for the one-year or more student of shamanism feeling the draw to continue the journey, sink even more deeply into right relationship, and honor the your shamanic calling.

Journey Quest is appropriate for practitioners wishing to expand their shamanic skill set and practices as well as for those wishing to explore their shamanic experiences. Course material changes with each six-month module. The description that follows is for the Summer/Fall 2020 Term.

Offered LOCAL with DISTANCE option (recordings and when possible FB Live and/or Zoom)

The Awakening has begun. Now, we call upon our Lineage.

  • We ask the questions
  • We retrieve the gifts.
  • We receive the healing.
  • We expand beyond ourselves to share with the world.

In Journey Quest Lineage you reactivate abilities held for you by your ancestors, both of the blood and of the soul.

You also receive medicine practices and techniques from Ascended Masters and Spiritual Allies ready to support you in going deeper and further into shamanic mysteries.

These become new (or remembered) tools in your shamanic medicine bag.

Walk the next leg of your healer’s path.

Whether for self growth or as vital additions to your work helping others, what you learn here becomes Lineage you pass to others. From the womb of the earth, inseminated by the light of the stars, the awakening nature of your Journey Quest Lineage is yours to nurture and grow. 

We will meet on eight Tuesdays from June 23 to Nov 2020.

Continue growing supportive connections with other tribe brothers and sisters who are fascinated by and falling deeper into Shamanism!

Your Journey Quest Lineage class benefits include:

  • two-hour classes (In person or Zoom depending upon Covid-19 orders)
  • Optional Shamanic Day OR Campout Event (does not include lodging, transportation or meals)
  • Private FaceBook Support Group
  • Facebook LIVE when available
  • Student Rate for Sessions
  • Student Rate for MunayKi Group Installations
  • Student Rate for Reiki I & II Group Installations

You will have access to recorded classes.

Course Begins June 23 2020

Eight Tuesdays from 7 to 9 pm*

6/23, 7/14, 7/28, 8/11, 9/8, 10/6, 10/27, 11/10

*Dates/locations are subject to change.


Outdoors at Mara’s Shamanic Oasis in La Mesa, Zoom, or alternate location in El Cajon depending upon Covid-19 protocols.

Optional Campout or Day Event

One Saturday or weekend during the Summer/Fall term students from all classes, plus private students, can join in a field trip. We’ve visited various state and national parks, wildlife preserves, and enjoyed camping trips. Day Event is currently scheduled for 9/26. If we campout – 9/25 to 9/27.

Local Course Fees:

$380 –  if paid in full before class begins.

$390 – $65 non-refundable deposit with five additional payments of $65 each.

Payment Options:

  • Use the site Cart (top of page)
  • Or cash or check in person
  • OR Paypal or Venmo to quickly pay any amount – please include a NOTE as to what payment is for!

Prerequisite: First Step Shamanic Training and Second Step Shamanic Training OR discuss with Mara

***Distance Student Package***

  • Recordings from our 8 two-hour classes 
  • UPDATE – Monthly Zoom with all Distance Students, different times and dates each month
  • When available, FB LIVE or Zoom
  • Shamanic Day (or Campout) Event (in person, only)
  • Private FaceBook Support Group
  • Student Rate for Sessions
  • Student Rate for MunayKi Group Installations
  • Student Rate for Reiki I & II Group Installations

This Distance Course is a five-month commitment.

Distance Course Fees:

Deposit: $84 non-refundable deposit

Single Payments: $42 monthly for four months ($252 total)

Paid in Full: $252

Final thoughts:

Our changed world is still vibrating from the pandemic panic! Now more than ever we need energy engineers to help restructure our reality from the soul-level down. We are the hollow bones flowing the highest consciousness of evolution and become real within us and around us.

The wisdom of our lineage helps us adapt and grow into this new reality.

We embark into the many worlds of Shamanism and continue the never ending process of healing.

** dates, times and locations subject to change

*** Contact Mara for details for Distance Student course.

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