Shamanic Fire Ring Drumming Circle


Welcome to the Shamanic Fire Ring Drumming Circle!

Assure your spot at the Circle by paying in advance.

Please note which event you plan to attend as sometimes multiple events are happening!

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Meet the Tribe at the Shamanic Fire Ring Drumming Circle!

We are like-minded souls who find comfort in the connections made around the flickering fire.

Every Shamanic Fire Ring Drumming Circle has it’s unique offerings. For the latest dates and ceremonies, check Events.

To any Circle you’ll want to bring

  • A chair
  • Lap blanket/jacket
  • Water
  • Your drum, didgeridoo, rattle (if you have one)
  • Grounding snack (enough to share if you wish)

You find ceremony, laughter, intuitive music and shamanic experiences all in one place! Talk story and experience the healing of community.

Most events are targeted for adults only, although anyone who would be comfortable with being present and quiet at ceremony are welcome.

Most events are at my Shamanic Oasis home La Mesa, CA. I’ll send you details about location after you have let me know you will be attending!

Thank you!




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