Personal Shamanic Training

In Personal Shamanic Training you learn safe practices for journeying and how to use shamanism in your everyday life.

You are your first “patient” as you learn how to navigate the energetic world in Shamanic Journey. You will meet your guides and power animals and develop a relationship with consciousnesses beyond human.

Personal Shamanic Training is available both in person and by phone.

The practices given in the First and Second Step Shamanic Training help you find deep personal healing. You also have opportunities to work on others, with their permission, of course!

Getting Started

The prerequisite for Personal Shamanic Training is a First Session with Mara.

Schedule your First Session HERE under Healing.

Please read THIS for more information about First Session and Soul Retrieval.


First – Your Intake Session

In this one hour session we establish our agreement for moving forward with your training. We discuss your current skill level, agree upon your goals, and we set dates for your first three training sessions.

Yes, you will receive homework right from the start.

Schedule your Intake Session to occur at least one week after your Soul Retrieval (First Session). My calendar is usually booked out four to six weeks, so get both sessions reserved ahead of time. If for some reason we end up doing the Intake before the Soul Retrieval, that’s fine. Let’s get you started! Just give some integration time between the two sessions.

Schedule your Intake and Training Sessions HERE under Training.


Schedule a minimum of one session per month. Each session is one hour or more depending upon how you wish to schedule and includes training and homework assignments.

It is common to add healing sessions in between training sessions since Shamanic Training accelerates your growth process.

Your first two levels of Shamanic Training take a minimum of eight training sessions each.

Student Benefit

You receive a $15 discount on your second session per calendar month

Should You Take The Training?

Healing professionals of all modalities can benefit, but you don’t have to be in the healing profession! Shamanic Journey can be a tremendous self-healing and support tool.

Receiving group shamanic training is intense; in person, it is even more so. Self discipline and willingness to do the work outside of training sessions is crucial for stellar results!

(I work with a limited number of students. Please contact me for availability.)

Recommendations for Personal Shamanic Training Students:


Munay Ki

I can install the Foundation Rites, then the Vibration of the Archangels, as part of the Personal Shamanic Training Program.


Reiki Attunements

I am a Reiki Master Teacher and can provide First, Second, and Master/Teacher Degree attunements and certifications.

Both Reiki and the Munay-Ki can be added to the Personal Shamanic Training schedule and are recommended as supportive modalities for the Shamanic Practitioner.

Please discuss with me to plan your training, installation and attunements.