Sacred Process

Sacred Process By Mara Clear Spring Cook Whether by choice or fate we all entered a sacred process over the weekend that spills into today. Where was your energy just before and during the 11/11, post New Moon period? I WAS TIRED Sometimes our Souls are in a Sacred Process OUTSIDE of our bodies/timeline/physical reality.… Read More »

Big Shifts

Big Shifts By Mara Clear Spring Cook Big Shifts hit us this week – Karmic Nodal Shift, Go Deeper New Moon in Scorpio, and today’s Power Move – Empowerment King Jupiter enters Shoot High Sagittarius at 4:38 am Pacific Time. OH TELL ME ABOUT IT! Big Shift #1: Karmic Nodal Shift “Karma” can describe your… Read More »

Scorpio New Moon 2018 Wildly Emotional Spectrum Fire and Ice by NVRDI at DeviantArt

Scorpio New Moon 2018 By Mara Clear Spring Cook The Scorpio New Moon 2018 opens the gateway to healing and manifestation erupting from the deepest core levels. A Grand Trine that combines the creation elements of Fire and Water figures heavily into this magical New Moon. The New Moon occurs at 8:01 AM Pacific time… Read More »

Weaving Relationships The Voice of the Soul by Jennyle88

Weaving Relationships By Mara Clear Spring Cook We are weaving relationships with each other, ourselves, and even our surroundings everyday. Today, more of the subtle points become clear as Divine Feminine flow encounters Sacred Masculine shift all around us. IS THAT A GOOD THING? Neither good nor bad, the awarenesses are more elusive. For example,… Read More »

Feeling Healing Soul Soothing Entre Deux Mondes by Kallaria

Feeling Healing By Mara Clear Spring Cook After yesterday’s Water trine you could be feeling healing deep in your heart. Empowerment King Jupiter in So Deep Scorpio slipped into this auspicious alignment with Wounded Healer Chiron STILL retrograde in Endless Seas Pisces. OH? Look back over 11/1 and you may see! Some gift, situation, phone… Read More »

Relationship Intensity Don't Go There dark angel man

Relationship Intensity And Mercury Retrograde Pre-Shadow Relationship intensity seizes our focus and adjusts priorities over the next few days. You may feel acute pressure and/or awakening regarding your connections to certain people, especially romantic partners, or anything you value. Shattered Queen of Love Venus is about ready to retrograde out of Let’s Explore The Dark… Read More »

Deep Soul Healing Something Yummy golden goddess

Deep Soul Healing By Mara Clear Spring Cook This weekend’s There Is No Spoon Pisces Moon holds space for deep soul healing. Just surrender. Let yourself de-stress and re-discover the beauty of you and the world around you. I’M TO BUSY To breathe? To gaze in wonderment and awe? To laugh? Are you sure? WELL…DEEP… Read More »

Soul Contemplation Boundary Busting Aquarian Mind Werewolf Duality Effect Aquarius Woman by Enchanted Whispers

Soul Contemplation By Mara Clear Spring Cook Try to step back today to look for quiet moments of soul contemplation. Messenger Mercury/Warrior Mars confrontation energy whips up the emotional waters with thought winds around our ego islands. SOUL CONTEMPLATION? We have a Void of Course Aquarius Moon for most of the day, inviting deep thoughts… Read More »

Subtle Power Messages

Subtle Power Messages By Mara Clear Spring Cook You’ll find subtle power messages everywhere at anytime, but today we are especially primed to see them in the mirror of the world around us. SUBTLE POWER MESSAGES? You could miss them if you blink, or go with the top layer of info (that driver cut me… Read More »

Making Progress Shamanic Weather

Making Progress By Mara Clear Spring Cook Yes, you are making progress EVEN IF you are acutely aware of where you feel stuck. Celebrate the little wins. I’ve Got This Capricorn Moon is gathering grace notes and positive juju all day, except for a challenge with Can We Take A Break Now And Talk Libra… Read More »

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