Creation Magic Night and her train of stars by shewhoisart reduced

Creation Magic! By Mara Clear Spring Cook Creation Magic is the ethereal spark that jumps out of the funeral pyre of cosmic take apart. Everything you have been shedding – or has been torn away from you – is reduced down to raw material ready to be reshaped into the new. I’VE LOST EVERYTHING INCLUDING… Read More »

Venus Tryst cosmic-dream-gun-legler

Venus Trine Tryst By Mara Clear Spring Cook The Venus Trine Tryst  helps you bring your Love and Practicality needs in balance this weekend. She’s in that perfectly balanced equilateral triangle formation with I Know How To Do This Saturn, still in a cranky retrograde in Yeah I’m Stubborn What Ya Gonna Do About It?… Read More »

Watery Jupiter Grand Trine

Watery Jupiter Grand Trine By Mara Clear Spring Cook The Watery Jupiter Grand Trine neatly intersects the Earthy Venus Grand Trine and receives Extra Oomph today as Jupiter stations Direct in Scorpio. GOBBLEDYGOOK. SPEAK ENGLISH! From yesterday’s Shamanic Weather, here’s the Earthy Venus Grand Trine: Three planets form an equilateral triangle from Earth perspective. Each… Read More »

Earthy Venus Grand Trine By Mara Clear Spring Cook The Earthy Venus Grand Trine couldn’t come at a better time. We are so in need of soul soothing and heart softening. Our Love Goddess moves into Down To Earth Virgo today, easing into a Grand Earth Trine. WHAT’S A GRAND TRINE? Three planets forming an… Read More »

Chiron Retrograde Celestial Warrior Leah by Carlos Quevedo

Chiron Retrograde in Aries By Mara Clear Spring Cook Chiron Retrograde in Aries either took you down or propelled you forward yesterday. As he moves backward through the sign of the Fiery Ram, the Wounded Healer helps you focus healing on imbalances that really matter: Egoic Bossy – or Effective Guidance? Healthy Libido – or… Read More »

Chiron Ready to Retrograde art found at Persephone Astrology

Chiron Ready To Retrograde By Mara Clear Spring Cook With Chiron ready to retrograde in Burning Up Aries we remember old, feverish wounds and perhaps identify new. There’s no need to shudder in anticipation or snarl avoidance! Delightful aspects overnight and into today help us keep a heart focus on the loving, kind perspective. SO… Read More »

Fate Changer

Fate Changer, Fate Breaker By Mara Clear Spring Cook After a relatively quiet morning If Wishes Were Fishes Pisces Moon opens new self-discovery channels with Fate Changer Uranus grounded in Taurus. Hidden knowing rises to the surface. Solutions and truths sparkle up at us out of the sea of Piscean bliss. OOH, TELL ME MORE… Read More »

Love Your Mess Ara by Gedogfx

Shamanic Weather June 30 & July 1, 2018 Love Your Mess By Mara Clear Spring Cook Love your mess this weekend. Just surrender to it! Whether you are 2% or 102% out of whack, you’ll have an opportunity at least once this weekend to truly see your “flaws.” Love ‘em. Love yourself up. THAT’S HARD… Read More »

strong sun full moon - Night Goddess by Slow Chemical Design

Strong Sun Full Moon By Mara Clear Spring Cook The Strong Sun Full Moon refers to the Full Moon closest to the Summer Solstice – combined we get the most light both by day and night. And, we’ll need it! GROAN… Sorry, but Stern Taskmaster Saturn casts a big shadow across the Lunar plane in… Read More »

Power In Mars Retrograde Man Planet Fire Ice

Power In Mars Retrograde By Mara Clear Spring Cook Power In Mars Retrograde means we turn our active, Do It Now energy inward. This is a deep, strategic review of where we are driving our lives. What are your plans-in-motion, personal and business AND relationship? MMM I DON’T WANT TO DO THAT Well, coming down… Read More »

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