Karmic Themes Nodal Shift

Karmic Themes Nodal Shift

Karmic Themes Shamanic Weather

Karmic Themes shift on January 18 as we move into the new Nodal Axis of Grounded Pleasures Taurus/North Node and Deep Waters Scorpio/South Node. We leave the previous influence of Gemini Dreams/North Node opposing Sagittarius Frustrations/South Node and enter this earthier and emotionally complex time.

What ARE Nodes?

The Lunar Nodes identify the two points where the Inner You Moon crosses the Ecliptic (the path of the Earth around the Sun) as it orbits the Earth. It’s a mathematical, astronomy related thing. These points are located in astrological signs, just like planets. 

Every 18 months or so the Lunar Nodes move into a new pairing of opposite signs, and they move retrograde (backward)! So they represent our soul evolution across time, from past lives and birth (South Node) to death and our future lives (North Node). Each pairing defines a Karmic Theme that persists as a foundational contribution to our overall experience for the duration. 

Heart Focus Wolf Full Moon

Heart Focus Wolf Full Moon

What is your Heart Focus for this Wolf Full Moon? On January 17, 2022 at 3:48 pm Pacific Time, Inner You Moon in Here’s A Hug Cancer shines bright opposite Outer You Sun in Get To Work Capricorn. Your desire to nest struggles against your need to achieve, while an underlying theme of take apart plays in the background.


Blame Dark Lord of Transformation Pluto for pointing out the shadow side of how you participate in the world and your connections with others. He conjuncts (aligns) with the Sun and initiates another cycle of personal death/rebirth.

And that also means he opposes that glorious Wolf Full Moon! Your heart focus might turn into extreme emotionality. Ego could overpower wisdom and cause confusion.

Coyote Mind Mercury Retrograde

Coyote Mind Mercury Retrograde


If there were ever a time for you to make friends with your Coyote Mind, Mercury Retrograde 2022 is it! Cliff edges of Illusions, communication challenges, and subtle self sabotage present pitfalls we don’t have to fall into! However, dangling could occur…


We moved into the Coyote Mind pre-shadow zone December 29. Whatever has been front and center since then can be a map of possible review and redo over the next three weeks, January 14 to Feb 3. 

Venus Cazimi Jan 8 2022

Venus Cazimi Jan 8 2022

Venus Cazimi – Shamanic Weather 1-8-22

Venus Cazimi marks a powerful reality shift on Saturday, Jan 8 2022, at 4:47 PM Pacific Time. The Goddess of Love Venus and Outer You Sun reach their closest point, a tight conjunction, where she is “in the heart” of the Sun. This is a true merging of Love and Spirit/Self, supreme soul fusion!

At this point she is halfway through her trip to the Underworld retrograde and transformation from Evening Star to Morning Star. 


Cazimi is a term to describe a planetary alignment with the Sun that is within 1 degree, a truly sweet spot that synergizes the ever giving, self-realizing nature of the Sun. Venus Cazimi is reborn in pure love, extraordinary luck, and infinite creativity.

This sweet spot fully activates all things yummy, aesthetic, sensual, and relationship oriented.

Seeking Solid Ground New Moon

Seeking Solid Ground New Moon


The January 2, 2022 New Moon finds us seeking solid ground after two years of incredible intensity and change. We want to stop and catch our collective breath. And the strong stellium (grouping) of planets in “Earth Based Spirituality” Capricorn Outer You Sun, Inner You Moon, Love Goddess Venus, and Dark Lord of Transformation Pluto – inform our overall energy as we enter the new year.


So many of us toned down the holiday get-togethers, gift giving, and overall revelry. On New Year’s Eve many of us opted to stay home. Yes, the uptick in Covid cases factors in, but another Shamanic Weather component influenced us as well.

We are cocooning, resting, “Earthing,” and reconnecting to our roots by being still.

Power Shift

Power Shift


Empowerment King Jupiter generated a huge Power Shift when he transited (moved) into a new sign on December 28, 2021 at 8:09 pm Pacific Time. You may have been sleepless, or having a hard time waking up, since he now moves through the mystical last sign of the Zodiac, Blissful Seas Pisces.


Jupiter loves to be in Pisces as he is its Ancient Ruler.

While spending most of 2021 in Quantum Solutions Aquarius he leaned into how we live with one another as a community and as a world society. You may have noticed the Rebel theme playing out in many different ways.

In Pisces, Jupiter magnifies the emotional flow of the Venus Retrograde coupled with the powerful Universal Year 6 energy of 2022. The focus shifts to love and relationships.