Go Wild And Free

Go Wild And Free By Mara Clear Spring Cook You may be feeling the urge to go wild and free as I’m Taking Action Mars and I’m Leading The Rebellion Uranus move into the final of a cycle of three Squares. WHAT’S A SQUARE? A no-fun, fuddy duddy who won’t play. Oh, wait – in… Read More »

Venus Retrograde Cycle 2018

Venus Retrograde Cycle 2018 By Mara Clear Spring Cook Ultimately this Venus Retrograde Cycle boils down to what do we really love about life, ourselves, and what do we really, really want? Venus takes this accounting every 18 months. This time, transiting Let’s Talk Libra and Silence Speaks Scorpio, we’ll explore the spectrum of loves… Read More »

Take a Breath Virgo New Moon Autumn Princess by Kai Ethan at DeviantArt

Take A Breath By Mara Clear Spring Cook Whether you have been riding a pretty good high or integrating deep shadow work, remember to take a breath. I BREATHE ALL THE TIME Me to – and, sometimes we need to do so consciously. Yesterday, the Dark Detective of the Soul Scorpio Moon gently danced with… Read More »

Rocky Communications Spirit Rising by Christophe Vacher_picmonkeyed

Rocky Communications By Mara Clear Spring Cook Blame the Rocky Communications you may be experiencing on Messenger Mercury in Make It Pure Virgo. Our planet of communications is opposing I Took A Toke Neptune in Blissful Non-Consciousness Pisces, and that can lead to misunderstandings and confusion. I ALREADY HAD SOMETHING BLOW UP IN MY FACE… Read More »

Flirtation Frustration Earned Trust by KatZaphire

Flirtation Frustration By Mara Clear Spring Cook Flirtation Frustration can result when This Is What I Love Venus dances with both Anything Can Happen Uranus and Here Are The Rules Saturn on the same day. She’s just trying to immerse herself the exciting waves of manifestation magic rolling off the powerful sextile between Let Me… Read More »

Good Vibes Day - Earth Goddess by Coby 01

Good Vibes Day By Mara Clear Spring Cook Hope you get into the groove of today’s Good Vibes. After some rather intense Get Real VIRGO New Moon energy (yeah, I got my tired wires crossed the other night) over the weekend, today we begin to experience the raw material forming into fresh inspiration! OOOH –… Read More »

Distraught Feminine Bojan Jevtic

Distraught Feminine By Mara Clear Spring Cook This weekend some of us felt the Distraught Feminine awaken like an ancient mountain spewing toxic plumes and molten rock. Between Heart and Soul Venus moving into Go Deeper Scorpio and the New Moon in Get Real Virgo our emotion oceans hit high tide. READER 1: BUT I FELT… Read More »

Venus Retrograde Shadow

Venus Retrograde Shadow By Mara Clear Spring Cook The Venus Retrograde Shadow period actually began on September 2. Venus doesn’t station Retrograde until October 5. However, this first week of the Shadow period marks an intense time where issues around money, love and personal pleasures that will come up during the retrograde can be revealed.… Read More »

Shadow Tracking

Shadow Tracking By Mara Clear Spring Cook Engage in Shadow Tracking and love your light today. Profoundly Emotional Cancer Moon forms a Grand Trine in Water with Great Giver Jupiter in Sexy Scorpio and Indulge This Neptune in No Limits Pisces. You can’t escape your feelings no matter where they fall on the emotional spectrum… Read More »

Mercury sextile Libra Venus Shamanic Weather September 3, 2018

Mercury Sextile Libra Venus By Mara Clear Spring Cook Messenger Mercury Sextile Libra Venus amps up our appetites for recreation and relationships of all varieties. What Do You Think About This Gemini Moon is certainly willing to explore all the possibilities. You never know what kind of magic you could accidentally discover! MEANWHILE… Have you… Read More »

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