War Mind Moments

War Mind Moments

Shamanic Weather July 1 – 4, 2022 – War Mind Moments

Be prepared for War Mind Moments and not-so-secret messages this weekend! Warrior God Mars, finishing up his tour through his home sign of Let’s Get Started Aries, challenges (squares) Dark Lord of Transformation Pluto, on Friday, July 1. And Quicksilver Mercury delivers several key missives during his last week  in his home sign, Let Me Ask A Question Gemini.


When Bad Boys Mars and Pluto act up we see more road rage, overreaction, and quick tempers. Each perceived slight or unintentional insult can escalate quickly beyond the actual circumstance. Since you now know this can happen, you can stop, take a few breaths and step back from the edge of triggered response.


Spiritual Awakening Cancer New Moon

Spiritual Awakening Cancer New Moon

Spiritual Awakening – New Moon In Cancer

A Spiritual Awakening can be glorious or messy – or both! The New Moon in Cancer (June 28, 2022 at 7:51 pm PDT) awakens your spirit through the portal of your cracked open heart.


Outer You Sun and Inner You Moon merge (conjunct) this month in Heart Of The World Cancer. And Black Moon Lilith, who also conjuncts the New Moon, adds the potent fullness of the Shadow Feminine. Her darkness embodies the defiant, intuitive and self aware, and figures heavily in our Spiritual Awakening.

Empowerment King Jupiter in I Boldly Go Forth Aries challenges (squares) this New Moon and Black Moon Lilith conjunction. We can be overwhelmed or sidetracked by the intensity of our emotions. 

Magical Alignment

Magical Alignment

Magical Alignment Shamanic Weather

June 24-26, 2022

What happens during a magical alignment? We’ve been silent witnesses to the sky show aspect of that these past several days, with the predawn hours of  June 24 being the primo viewing day.

From my June 23 post:

I got up early again so I could take these shots [above]. You’re looking at Venus, the Moon, Mars and Jupiter.

What you can’t see is Mercury (behind the trees) and Saturn (too far out of range.)

And the planets that are up there but you can’t see at all without more power are Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. AND, most of the major asteroids astrologers have begun to incorporate into their readings are there, too!

All the planets in our system have not been in the same part of our sky like this since 949 AD.

And it won’t happen again until 2492. So we are in rare times under the influence of this Magical Alignment.

Crucial Changes Summer Solstice 2022

Crucial Changes Summer Solstice 2022

Shamanic Weather June 21, 2022

Remember to come from the heart as you consider your own Crucial Changes for the Summer Solstice 2022. The Yin of Earth Element Dominance draws you back into yourself to notice the magic alive within and around. You’ve noticed, right? Something is different…


You may have been feeling the shift deeply within since June 11, when Love Goddess Venus conjuncted (merged with) the Destiny Path North Node. We’re in a magic zone, the echo of the future pulling us rather than the past pushing us. You empaths and HSPs especially have been feeling it, that odd sense of being outside time from the center of your chest, or with sleepless nights and quick tears.

Gemini Weather – Venus Passion

Gemini Weather – Venus Passion

Gemini Weather – Venus Passion

Did you experience some Gemini Weather this past week?


The ever inquisitive Sign of the Twins oscillates between lightning illumination and the clouded darkness, so you may have experienced both!

For example, Outer You Sun danced nicely (trined) with Stern TaskMaster Saturn to give you an opportunity for productive focus. We tend to demonize retrogrades, but Saturn Retro can help us dial down to efficient clean up and well-sorted priorities.

But the Sun also challenged (squared) Addiction or Ascension Neptune, however, inserting illusions that may have derailed you. So, maybe those quicksilver thoughts degraded into anxiety or obsession.

Either way, get ready for some Venus Passion this weekend!

Lightning Changes Sagittarius Full Moon

Lightning Changes Sagittarius Full Moon

Shamanic Weather 6/14-16 Sagittarius Strawberry Full Moon Super Moon

June is an entire month of Lighting Changes! OK, ALL of 2022 has felt like a massive, concurrent take-apart and rewiring of our world, from macro to micro levels. And this Sagittarius Strawberry Full Super Moon becomes  another flashpoint of insight and illusion.

Early in the morning on June 14, “I Want To Make Sense Of That” Sagittarius Full Moon shoots arrows of intention straight through to the Sun in “I Have A Question Gemini”. If we can keep that intention strong, we can see through any veils of self-deception and tap into the true messages for each of us.