Healing Messages Splendour by Coby01

Healing Messages By Mara Clear Spring Cook Healing Messages come your way today! You’ll encounter them everywhere from Spirit, loved ones, meaningful encounters and random actions. Expect to see the projections of what you have healed within yourself appear as mirrors and validation. You could recognize something you used to do in another person, and… Read More »

Soul Soothing Entre Deux Mondes by Kallaria

Soul Soothing By Mara Clear Spring Cook The latest round of heart-impacting events has left many of us in need of deep soul soothing. It’s hard to shut down the brain to tend to your feelings, but sometimes that’s exactly what is needed. BUT I SHOULD DO SOMETHING I know, I know. It feels like… Read More »

Crucial Messages Earth Goddess by Karol Bak

Crucial Messages By Mara Clear Spring Cook Today Messenger Mercury, currently trekking through Common Sense Taurus, gathers crucial messages during a very productive meeting with Stern Taskmaster Saturn in Get ‘Er Done Capricorn. That’s quite a bit of Earth energy for us all. In fact, it’s time to listen to the Earth and check in… Read More »

Sweet Connection By Mara Clear Spring Cook Let Me Ask You This Gemini Moon makes a sweet connection with Love Queen Venus today – a great beginning to a much more loving weekend. What a kind transition from Stinkin’ Thinkin’ to self-inflicted hugs! I LOVE TO HUG MYSELF Great – then you’ll love this sweet… Read More »

Dream Seed Taurus New Moon - Taurus by AutumnsGoddess

Dream Seed Taurus New Moon By Mara Clear Spring Cook The Dream Seed Taurus New Moon holds the ground steady while other strong cosmic influences take the Taurus Bull by the Horns for a wild ride. Change is unavoidable at all times. And right now, it’s impossible to dodge. WHAT KIND OF CHANGE? Big! But,… Read More »

Healing Light magus apprentice Jena dellagrotaglia

Healing Light I By Mara Clear Spring Cook As we move toward the Dark of the Moon we could really use some Healing Light. The New Moon in Taurus on May 15 is an intense one and we’re feeling the energetic build up now.  I hope to write more about this before Monday, but in… Read More »

Dangling Dreams Pisces Mermaid by Lampros Kalfuntzos

Dangling Dreams By Mara Clear Spring Cook The Universe is dangling dreams before you like bait on a hook. Your Inner Bliss Fish pokes at the amorphous cloud of sparkling possibilities and perhaps decides to nibble. Or, maybe not! It’s a shamanic and astrological challenge to decide. Dreamy Pisces Moon keeps that Inner Bliss Fish… Read More »

Anticipation Moon Goddess by gloriagypsy

Yup, today we get to hurry up and wait, dance on the edge, positively marinate in anticipation.



Mm hm, yes, let’s wait and see.



Well, I wanted to call it a take a break day, but there’s too much tension. Anticipation keeps us restless.

Get Crystal Clear Woman Moon Earth profile artist unknown
By Mara Clear Spring Cook

Along with the Believe Nothing energy of yesterday was the Get Crystal Clear message of Mercury Square Pluto. Those who got the best of that vibe easily surpassed the mind traps of Venus Square Neptune. Congratulate yourself on any clarity you attained!

Today Outer Self Sun in Sensually Grounding Taurus opposes I Make Things Bigger Jupiter in Sensuous Tease Scorpio. This can magnify what’s so attractive and irresistible about you, or make you overstate your greatness. Plumb your depths to find your highest truth and get crystal clear as to what is TRUE about YOU.

Believe Nothing Water Woman
By Mara Clear Spring Cook

Believe nothing today that sends you into soaring spirals of infatuation or plunges you down the well of sorrows.

Bedazzled Venus in So Many Possibilities Gemini squares Get Naughty Neptune in Fishy Waters Pisces.

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