Love's Power Messages Flame Venus hand

Love’s Power Messages

By Mara Clear Spring Cook

Messenger Mercury conjunct Love Goddess Venus in Go Deeper Scorpio activates Love’s Power Messages. Take that deep dive into the what the essence of love is for you and in your relationships.


When you are ready, they’ll find you! If you are already in a relationship, sink into what is happening and discover the love – or lack thereof! What is your Love’s Power Messages truth?

Get It Done Hypnotic by darkvenuspersephonae

Get It Done By Mara Clear Spring Cook In the dreamtime our Spiritual Allies whisper gently, “Get It Done.” And, a fiercer aspect of our intention is awakened. Whether we remember our dreams, or understand them, the shift has happened. WHAT SHIFT? You didn’t know it, or maybe you did, but on Saturday something significant… Read More »

Clear Power Messages

Clear Power Messages

By Mara Clear Spring Cook

Clear Power Messages keep booming in as really movin’ Messenger Mercury now uses his Super Sleuth Scorpio Powers to activate a potent conversation with Stern Taskmaster Saturn who is feeling dominant in Top Goat Capricorn.

Crazy Hot Power Messages

Crazy Hot Power Messages By Mara Clear Spring Cook Add crazy hot power messages to the deep ones we heard about in yesterday’s Shamanic Weather! Now we have two powerful meet-ups today, bending believability and stirring up the passion. I’LL TAKE PASSION FOR 200, ALEX Then let’s start with the crazy hot passion of Love Is… Read More »

Mercury Deep Power Messages

Deep Power Messages By Mara Clear Spring Cook Deep Power Messages come at us from all directions, especially heavy dreams! Today Messenger Mercury moves into You CAN Handle The Truth Scorpio to trigger multiple heavenly bodies this week. *** Yesterday’s Radical Shift New Moon in Libra 2018 did not go out via email. You can… Read More »

Venus Retrograde in Scorpio feather raven woman helmet

Venus Retrograde in Scorpio 2018 By Mara Clear Spring Cook The Venus Retrograde in Scorpio activates your shuddering, shadow feminine. Shuddering with both pleasure and fear, she stares shame, rage, grief and dark shadow sensuality in the eyes. She wants to go there…and she doesn’t. DON’T OPEN THE DOOR! Horror films feature clueless teenagers flicking… Read More »

Balanced Flow

Balanced Flow By Mara Clear Spring Cook Today we go for the balanced flow. Mix work and pleasure because choosing one over the other may feel impossible! I’D RATHER PLAY HOOKY Well, ya gotta do what ya gotta do! However, giving into avoidance and adventure-seeking could have consequences. And, working with no relief can as… Read More »

Underworld Messages Bridge by Silvia15

Underworld Messages By Mara Clear Spring Cook We’ve been receiving underworld messages for some time now! The intensity really picked up just before and when Foundation Buster Pluto went Direct on Sunday, September 30. Messenger Mercury in Relationships First! Libra squares Dark Lord of Transformation Pluto in Work Hard Capricorn today, so these messages become… Read More »

sink in rev up Ira by Gedogfx

Sink In Rev Up By Mara Clear Spring Cook Ah, you will want to both sink in and rev up as Loquacious Libra Sun trines Magical Action Aquarius Mars! The Air Element dominates, and in a positive way. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Air = Mind, thought, understanding. So, we be thinkin’, rev’ing up our brain… Read More »

Vital Dance Goddess of Fall

Vital Dance By Mara Clear Spring Cook All sorts of possibilities begin to collide and collude in a vital dance of alchemy. Earth magic rumbles, yet the lightning bolts of quantum possibilities draw our attention to the skies. VITAL DANCE? Yes! The Earth element currently dominates. Gaia’s rich presence, so very Virgo, calls us to… Read More »

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