Sensitive Heart

Sensitive Heart

Sensitive Heart Shamanic Weather October 26 – 28, 2021

Your sensitive heart gets both poked and uplifted this week as Love Goddess Venus interacts with some big archetypes. Watch out for moodiness and unrealistic expectations!


Yes, you! All of us are beginning to feel the vibrational shift from Universal Year 5 energy (Change, Adaptability, Shift) to Universal Year 6 feelings of Love, Home, and Family. So Love Goddess Venus is now set free to explore all the wild ways and wonders of living in “Shoot For The Stars” Sagittarius.

Let’s Get Going Aries Full Moon

Let’s Get Going Aries Full Moon


The Aries Ram breaks through stagnant resistance for the Let’s Get Going October 20 Full Moon. With multiple planets picking up momentum after exiting a testing-your-soul summer of retrogrades, you may feel your Wild Child Within ready to bust out and freaking DO something!


Your disjointed ideas and amorphous dreams are ready to click into solid plans. Stuck projects get moving along again. Your creative flow returns.

Celestial Urgency

Celestial Urgency

Celestial Urgency – Shamanic Weather

Celestial Urgency pushes you to get a move on things in your life. The “Everything Is Connected” element of Air blows through and shakes things up! Planetary influencers are “stationing,” preparing to change direction, so archetypal themes are waking up and loudly declaring “the time is NOW.”

I Keep Making Lists!

Last week “Destroy And Rebuild” Pluto stood still in his earthy home sign of “Follow My Plan” Capricorn. As he returns to forward progress you regain your footing and begin the next stages of essential life choices and moves. So, yeah, you’ll be researching, making plans, cleaning out closets, and more.

Loving Life Changes Libra New Moon

Loving Life Changes Libra New Moon

Loving Life Changes – Libra New Moon Ceremony Below!

This particular Libra New Moon empowers you to make some pretty significant Loving Life Changes. Why? Well, you’ve got the magic going your way!


Take Action Mars just happens to align with this New Moon. So, when you focus on your dreams and goals today, October 6, 2021, or as close to this date as possible, you tap into a fresh flow of momentum and drive.


Messenger Mercury is feeling quite chatty as he is also in Libra. So the constant barrage of observations, comparisons, opinions and thinki-ness further pushes us to make changes. 

Motivation is good, but we can get scattered with too many things to do, or paralyzed with analysis paralysis, one of the shadow aspects of Seeking Balance Libra.

Treasure Hunt Mercury Retrograde Sept 2021

Treasure Hunt Mercury Retrograde Sept 2021

Treasure Hunt Mercury Retrograde Sept 27 2021

Not many people think of a Mercury Retrograde as a treasure hunt, but Mercury’s dalliance in the “We Can Talk This Through” sign of Libra is different.

Really, A Treasure Hunt?

In Libra, our Messenger Planet Mercury is collecting information from all sides in the interests of fairness and balance. And as he tracks back through Libra in Retrograde, he’s double checking and going deeper into the data.


You’ll divine the answers you have been seeking, clarify ideas you have been dreaming in, and discover new options you didn’t expect! This Treasure Hunt is in part due to the excellent timing of this retrograde with a Magical Grand Trine in Air.