Soul Reset Libra New Moon

Soul Reset Libra New Moon

Soul Reset Shamanic Weather

Let’s take time out to allow the soul reset potential offered by the New Moon in Libra September 25, 2022 at 2:54 pm PDT.

At 2°Libra the Outer You Sun and Inner You Moon line up with the Super Galactic Center.

During this alignment, the SGC, a collection of black holes that pulls on our galaxy, the Milky Way, influences us to apply Libra relationship awareness and values not just with others, but ourselves, and find a new balance.

We just experienced the season changing, soul reset energy of the Libra Equinox. Planets are shifting signs and aspecting (coming into specific angles) in a powerful series of chess master moves that activate, aggravate, and inspire changes globally.

Eclipse season approaches, and the overriding polarization of the Saturn/Uranus square keeps us divided down to the core.

Fresh Connections

Fresh Connections

Fresh Connections – Shamanic Weather Mid September 2022

As we approach the Mercury Retrograde Midpoint fresh connections pop into our lives. After all, Messenger Mercury is still in “Let’s Talk Libra,” an Air Sign that loves to facilitate social gatherings and meaningful conversations. 

Remember, each retro is flavored by the signs this planet of communication and energy exchange transits (moves across). So, you may be feeling that social hunger right about now for fresh connections.

Mercury Retrograde may have a bad rep, but it is really about going deeper into our objective observations and interactions about and with ourselves and each other. The Trickster energy shows up more often to literally force us to stop and go back over what we just said, did, bought…

Consciousness Opening Pisces Full Moon

Consciousness Opening Pisces Full Moon

Shamanic Weather – Consciousness Opening Pisces Full Moon

(Shamanic Full Moon Ceremony Below!)

You’ll feel your consciousness opening exponentially with this Full Moon in “You Can’t Contain Me” Pisces. Spiritual Water Sign Pisces raises the heart nature of Cancer and the mental nature of Scorpio up into the Soul Level. And magic ensues!


“Spiritual Guru” Neptune rules Pisces and will be in conjunction (alignment) with the Moon just 12 hours after it goes full. They magnify your ability to see beyond the barriers your mind believes in. You overflow with activations, openings, downloads and, also, challenges. 

There will always be a subset of the population that won’t feel this, and that’s ok, but most of us will be affected personally in ways that are unique to our own gifts and life stories.


The infamous “Stern TaskMaster” Saturn square (challenge) with “Rebel Awakener” Uranus is within a 2 degree orb (measurement of angles and alignments). That’s really close and disturbs, ok shakes, our core beliefs around what we think we trust as real in this world. Expect the unexpected when Uranus shows up.

Authentic Beauty Mercury Retrograde

Authentic Beauty Mercury Retrograde

Authentic Beauty Mercury Retrograde 9/9/22

You don’t expect to be encountering authentic beauty during a retrograde period – or do you? Because going through the process of this Mercury Retro could help reveal that personal quality in your own soul mirror.


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When Messenger Mercury stations (stands still) on 9/9/22, then all five outer planets will be moving retrograde: Empowerment King Jupiter, SternTaskmaster Saturn, Rebel Awakener Uranus, Spiritual Feminine Neptune, and Dark Lord of Transformation Pluto.

That’s a call to slow down. In the intense chaos of our outer world (outer planets) we are compelled to turn inward (inner planets) and deal with ourselves. 

Solar Codes

Solar Codes

Shamanic Weather Labor Day Weekend 2022


The solar wind inspired geomagnetic storm continues, lighting up the night at higher latitudes with the Auroral displays, and flooding us all with the cosmic update: Solar Codes.

Beyond the sheer joy of such spectacular natural fireworks is the shamanic reality that the conversation between our Star and Mother Earth is richly layered and intense at the moment.

And each of us can be affected!


In shamanism we believe everything has a consciousness, even if we can’t see or comprehend it. So for me, the Sun and Earth each have their own being-ness. You can say they have a relationship and communicate. Their conversation can include Solar Codes transmitted through magnetism, solar winds, and other ways we don’t understand.