Real Magic Taurus New Moon

Real Magic Taurus New Moon

Real Magic New Moon

Real Magic pours through us with the May 11, 2021 New Moon in Life Is Good Taurus. We enter the potent time of New Moon Manifestation, Taurean bull headed focus, and the two weeks preceding the Full Moon Solar Eclipse of May 26, 2021.


When the Divine Feminine is so powerfully activated, downloads and creativity alchemize within and around us. Here are a few of the feminine influences:

Break Out May

Break Out May

Shamanic Weather – Break Free – May 2021

Your Wild Child Within wants to break free, get naughty, and bend the rules this month. Fierce independence and sudden willingness to take risks you normally wouldn’t consider could make you wonder if you are possessed. No, the opposite is true! You are feeling the opposite ends of the spectrum calling you to think, feel, and act impulsively and radically different from usual.


When a planet’s orbit around the sun visually swings beyond 23 degrees north or south of our equator, it’s considered free of bounds. And, in May, all four personal planets break free and do just that. They travel outside the lines of our solar system’s circular highway called the ecliptic.

Wild Love Venus Conjunct Uranus

Wild Love Venus Conjunct Uranus

Wild Love Shamanic Weather

Thursday, April 22, Love Goddess Venus purrs with Wild Love in a powerful alignment with Expect The Unexpected planet of rebellion, Uranus. They connect in the This Feels Good sign of the Earthy Bull, Taurus. Under this influence you’ll want to explore and identify your heart’s desires, such as:

  • Attract favorite people
  • Make brilliant money moves
  • Acquire treasures you thought were out of reach
Wild Child New Beginnings

Wild Child New Beginnings

Our Wild Child New Moon embodies an essence of the inspired human that is timeless and always accessible!

I referred to this in a social media post I made on the Wild Child New Moon April 11, 2021:

“Can you feel the creativity and hope in the air? A momentum is growing, a river of energy we are all flowing with now. You don’t really have to have a “thing” in mind to “use” this potential. Sometimes all these choices are overwhelming.

A simple resolution to myself is that I will imprint this energy into my awareness as a touchstone going forward. That works for me! I’ve already been in a deep change process, so I’m going to take this richly potent new moon as an energy booster.”


Your Wild Child believes in magic, and the numerology for April 11, 2021 is 11, a Master Number! As we move forward from this cosmically-induced remembering of our magical selves, let’s check in with some of that in invigorating touchstone energy.

HeartFULL Paradigm Shift

HeartFULL Paradigm Shift


HeartFULL, that’s me right now.

I learned something so important this weekend. So many times in my life I felt unseen, unheard, in any crowd of people. The disconnect was very real for me. I was uneasy and sad. I had that puzzling question, do I belong anywhere?


This weekend I got to spend time with people I so love and enjoy. I felt seen, heard, loved, valued. Right now my heart smiles as different faces pop into my mind, and I’m feeling da love. And as I drove home, I sunk into the feeling, and I asked myself, why am I so satisfied? What is different?