Shamanic Weather – Virgo Season 2022

On 8/22/22, Outer You Sun moved into Time To Clean House Virgo

In preparation, I’ve been in the Earthiness for the past few days, attending to Body, Heart, Mind and Soul.

So that means naps, spending time with friends, exercise, spending time with Spirit and myself, and tending the home and educating my mind – in Balance! I’m always, always learning.

Virgo Season 2022

Virgo energy asks for plans and lists, then turns idealistic, and you get out of balance trying to do it all. Virgos, am I right?

And I love you! You are the best moms (or dads) of the world, and your mad organizational skills radiate a download anyone in your periphery can absorb and integrate.

So, as the Uranus station Retrograde of 8/24/22 is nearly here, let all the massively weird and provocative energy be noticed but not taken in. It doesn’t help to try to carry a group consciousness burden when your own personal life needs attention first.

The “Virgin,” which originally was more about being Pure of Spirit than a never been sexually active person, is an archetype of Virgo we can all return to at anytime.

When we cleanse, meditate, receive Soul Retrieval, and integrate, we can return to that original, virginal vibration of Soul Intention to come here and grow our compassion, wisdom, and satisfaction, both for ourselves and anyone else we can help along the way.

And from there, wow, we can remember how to sing our truth loudly and clearly! I am here. I am one with the Universe of which I am a part. I am one with the Universe. I am One. I AM.

I plan to write a Uranus Retro Shamanic Weather for 8/24 soon, so you’ll receive another Shamanic Weather update then.

Make this a transit to sink into and purr…


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Shamanic Weather Disclaimer

This is a general interpretation not meant to address individual natal charts, soul journeys or destiny paths. Take what works for you and leave the rest behind! Love!