The Shadow Signs Super Full Moon illuminates our fear shivers and deep soul dread. This is in no small part due to the Dark Lord of Chaos Pluto as he prepares to station retrograde. Now Pluto is currently at 24 degrees Capricorn, where he’ll actually “stop” on 4/25. Pluto is slowing down adding intensity to his signature influence of transformation through dismemberment. 

And we are feeling it.


This is a Super Full Moon, the closest distance between Earth and Moon in 2020 during a Full Moon. So we are staring at ourselves quite closely. It’s a cosmic mirror where Me First Aries Sun squirms under the scrutiny of Relationships First Libra Moon. And isn’t this the dilemma we find ourselves in globally, ruthless self examination while we shelter in place? 

Right now stay at home means more than keep well, protect your neighbors, and flatten the curve. You get to be in your own face relentlessly. You can’t escape yourself, light or dark.


Introverts are often highly sensitive as well as hyper self-critical. Don’t tell me you aren’t feeling the Covid tension, puhleeze.


Warrior God Mars squares Mad Genius Uranus hours before the Super Full Moon. Let’s call this the lightning flashes that limn the edges of the Shadow Signs clouds. If you feel irrational anger and aggression threatening to lash out, redirect and diffuse in as safe a method as possible. 

Take slow deep breaths and literally count to ten. Mentally retrace your steps to before you went nuclear and execute compassionate self inquiry. Don’t be the release valve for the transpersonal pressure of rage, pain and fear. You are so much more than that.


Um…yes, we did. All the souls here now arrived on purpose regardless of their parents’ birth control practices. Maybe we were nuts, or maybe we are here to grow, learn, or even help.


Listen, Messenger Mercury could be your friend as he favorably aspects both Empowerment King Jupiter and that shadowy Pluto hours before the Full Moon. You may hear or discover exactly what you need to point you in your new direction, give you a huge confidence boost, or clarify your true purpose.


Change is what is happening right now. Transformation through dismemberment is radical change and symbolic, if not real, death. Most of us will still be here when this pandemic has peaked and passed. And, “here” will be different. We can’t wind back the clock.


  • Smudge yourself and the area for your ceremony.
  • Create an altar with symbols for the five elements: Spirit, Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Add anything else that is meaningful for you for ceremonies, moon cycles, etc.
  • Light a candle or two if you can.
  • After you have opened a Sacred Space around you according to your tradition, ask yourself some questions such as:
    • What do you really, truly need right now?
    • What have you lost?
    • What would bring your life into a new balance?


You may wish to spend time writing or meditating about these things. If you are doing this with another person, you can discuss your thoughts together. The goal is to cut through the outside world influences to your own, personal truth. Shine that bright Super Full Moon light right on your own Shadow Signs.

During this process you may cry, laugh, scream, and release pent up feelings you don’t have to name, just let them through and out.

When you feel complete and you have a better idea of who you are now and what you want, use a Fire Ceremony to burn up what you have shed and call in the love. Love up who you truly are. Shift into gratitude for what you do have, and what’s possible.

Make a gratitude offering with a flower, or a bit of chocolate or other treasured food. Imagine that little bit of wonderfulness multiplying out for all to share. 

Plan something kind you’ll do for yourself. Imagine being able to share that with others, too.


Then cleanse everything symbolically with a spritz of water and essential oil, or a feather waved over smudge, or even rattle shaking. Be complete with this process. New shadows will arise. They always do. But, leave this behind now. Don’t take it with you. You are different now. You’ve rescued the real you from the Nightmare Body of the current world consciousness. 

Give your thanks, blow out your candle(s) and close Sacred Space.

Make this a Full Moon to Roar about!



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Art: by Stephan Keller at Pixabay

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This is a general interpretation not meant to address individual natal charts, soul journeys or destiny paths. Take what works for you and leave the rest behind! Love!