Shamanic Weather October 31, 2019

Scorpio Shadows Mercury Retrograde

Have you paid attention to the Scorpio Shadows that rose to the surface this past few weeks? As Messenger Mercury turns Retrograde on Halloween, we’ll get to go deeper into those shadows, discover a few things, die to a few things, and be reborn like the Phoenix.

I Hate Mercury Retrograde!

Well, now, there is magic afoot! Love Goddess Venus drags her salty, saturated self out of the murky Scorpion Seas to dance with fire in the sign of Shoot For The Stars Sagittarius! She conjuncts Mercury, and they hold hands through the first part of this retrograde! Love becomes the alchemical catalyst for burning through what has kept the Scorpio Shadows hidden and potent.

Scorpio Shadows?

Oh, you know, those old, core wounds that whisper in your ear, telling you stories that make you feel small or impotent. The Scorpion stinger penetrates fragile bubbles of security and thin self image. Your bright soul light can feel dimmed, or eclipsed, by reawakened darkness.


What you perceive becomes a key to unlock the pattern, and you can release it rather quickly. Awareness shines a light that reveals what was hidden in the dark. Then you can love yourself out of shame, forgive yourself out of guilt, empower yourself out of fear, and accept yourself out of the shadow. 

It’s Not That Simple

You are right! That’s just the outline. You fill it in with your own personal details. This Is You Sun trines the You Are Heading This Way North Node just a few days into the retrograde. The focus is on you, oh so personally, and your relationship to you and to others. 

Stupid Retrograde – Grr!

Sorting through shadows releases lots of blocked energy, opens new pathways, and helps you re-sort needs and priorities and what works for you. We even get a special gift on 11/11, when a rare transit of Mercury across the face of the Sun illuminates your path, a bright reflection in a brief Grand Water Trine

I’m Ready For A Freakin’ Gift

The gift is your relationships, particularly love relationships, grow. All this shadow work can really be minimal compared to the joy of going deeper with people you love. I know when I dive into my own personal work there’s always a gift of some sort that comes back to me. I’m digging through some deep stuff right now, and I imagine when I get to the other side I’ll better understand why it’s in my face right now. And I’ll be oh-so-thankful.

I Like That Part The Best

Me too. Gratitude, spending time with people I care about, that’s good stuff. And although I’ve spoken into the Scorpio Shadows here, my bigger message is that the brightness of our connections will pull us through.

Make this a retrograde to ROAR about!



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Art: [Fire] Goddess by Enrique Meseguer on Pixabay

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