Shamanic Weather – Restructuring Mercury Retrograde

(Bonus article at the end of this Shamanic Weather)

We embark upon a journey of major restructuring as Messenger Mercury stations (appears to stop, then switches directions) Retrograde in “Solid Plan, Deliberate Actions” Capricorn on December 29, 2022.

With Mercury also passionately conjuncting (aligning with) Love Goddess Venus at nearly the same moment, clarity and love permeate this entire retrograde period through to January 18, 2023.

About Capricorn

Capricorn is the third of the Earth signs, and is represented by the Sea Goat, a mythic being of both land and water. Capricorn wants to ground spiritual inspiration into earthly reality, and thus is a master of planning and manifestation.

As  Mercury retraces three weeks of travel through this most earnest and brilliant sign, you’ll be looking over the plans you’ve made in your head and exploring ways to make them really happen. And you’ll be restructuring older methods of the past.

Mercury’s tryst with Love Goddess Venus at the very start of this retrograde means you’ll be doing this from the heart. We need that gentle reminder to be kind with ourselves when going through a restructuring like this. 

More shift: The Empowerment King Jupiter moved into “Let’s Get Started Aries” just before the Solstice and is pushing you to DO something. Adding even more to the potent energy is Warrior God Mars, who is currently retrograde and out of bounds (amplified passion) in “Quicksilver Mind” Gemini

As a consequence, explosive ideas and rapid fire questions can ramp you up or overwhelm you. Pull on that Love Goddess energy to focus on your values and needs to help you sort and prioritize.

(I highly recommend the Shamanic Treasure Map process to help you sort out all of this really fertile energy! Contact me if you are interested – I haven’t put it up on my site yet.)

Mercury Retrograde comes with a bad rep, but this one supports your restructuring of what you want to actualize here in the real world! 

Make this a Mercury Retrograde to Roar about!

Namaste ~ Mara

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Shamanic Weather Disclaimer

This is a general interpretation not meant to address individual natal charts, soul journeys or destiny paths. Take what works for you and leave the rest behind! Love!

Bonus Article

I published this to Social Media last week and included it in a recent newsletter that you may not have seen. I received a significant response, so I thought I would share it with you here:

This year I’m celebrating Un-Christmas.

No special cookies, very few gifts, sent maybe three holiday cards…and minimal decorations for the home. We didn’t even put up lights, and I love lights!

There is no Christmas music playing at our house (gasp!).

I’m not depressed, disillusioned or even disagreeable about Christmas. No judgment here, Go ahead and do your thing!

My reset evolved on its own, and I have found so many of my friends are of the same mood.

It turns out that Un-Christmas is a “thing.”

The Spirit I’m tapped into doesn’t resonate with the commercialized, pressure to buy something, manufactured phenomenon of modern day Christmas. I’m treasuring the cards I have received (thank you, the photo cards are especially wonderful, please keep sending them), and I so enjoy reaching out and connecting with people by phone, email, and especially in person. I like distributing the organic apple butter we made. I love my Spirit Family.

The holy-days between the Capricorn Solstice and the calendar New Year feel like an opportunity for a reset on how I choose to interact with this amazing world. As my perceptions and values shift, I wonder: What will I choose for 2023? 

We’ll find out!

Wishing you all the best possible holiday, no matter what you celebrate!

With love,