Making Magic Full Moon in Pisces Shamanic Weather

Making Magic with the Full Moon in Pisces balances the rough waters and heavy tides into calmer pools of starlight reflections.

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The predominant energy of this Making Magic Full Moon is balance. Balance is that supreme state between extremes, the space between the words, the empty and full all at once.

I Feel So Out Of Balance

We’ve been ducking those wild pendulum swings of life so long we all are a bit “seen-TOO-much” sick. The sweet medicine of the Pisces Full Moon is a space outside of time to reflect and regain our center.

We are so close to the September 22 Equinox, that twice-per-year occurrence of equal night and day. Heavenly bodies are almost evenly distributed among the four elements. And the Healing Magic Virgo Sun is opposite and perfectly balanced by the Let’s Merge Pisces Moon.


Earlier I posted to FB and IG for you to make two lists: What’s working in your life, and what isn’t.

So make those if you haven’t already. I’ll wait.


Create Your Making Magic Altar

Here’s my write up on that: Create Your Altar.pdf https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LNMLvbNT21g4q2Fqpp_IOE0SybH4A6_X/view?usp=sharing

  • Add something to represent the Pisces Full Moon and Virgo Sun. I have a Selenite Sphere and Yellow Calcite Sphere I like to use.
  • Read aloud your list of what isn’t working in your life. Put it under the Full Moon item.
  • Read aloud your list of what is working, and that goes beneath the Sun symbol.
  • Now, drum up some energy! Dance, chant, play your drum, shake your rattle. Pick some music that makes your whole body flow.
  • When you feel your energy reach that Making Magic level, pick up your What’s Working in one hand and your What Isn’t in the other. Hold them out to either side. Stand or sit with your face upturned. “I ask for balance.” Feel the opposite energies balancing with you in the middle. Listen for messages and receive any healings. If you wish to, take a shamanic journey for even deeper work.
  • Be sure to write down anything that happens for you.

When you are done, put the What’s Working list on top of the What Isn’t. You have two options:

Burn: Roll them together. Twist the roll, then, if you can do so safely, burn over and into your fire container. Flush: Instead of rolling and twisting, tear and flush!

To finish your Making Magic Full Moon Ceremony, give thanks to your spiritual allies and close your Sacred Medicine Space.

Make this a  to Roar (or Purr) about!

Namaste ~ Mara


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Art by Ashley Josephine

Shamanic Weather Disclaimer

This is a general interpretation not meant to address individual natal charts, soul journeys or destiny paths. Take what works for you and leave the rest behind! Love!

Ephemeris Times are PST (GMT-0700). Go HERE to convert to your time.