I hope you allowed the spirit of Magical Pleasures to take you over this weekend! Love Goddess Venus and Empowerment King Jupiter coupling in the sign of Shoot For The Stars Sagittarius opened powerhouse pathways of discovery, creativity and joy still open now.

I Did Have Fun!

Me too! By no means is the Magical Pleasures Ticket expired. After building for weeks the warmth lingers well into the holiday season. 

What If I Didn’t Get Any?

You still can! Use the Mighty Warrior Mars oppose Mad Genius Uranus vibe to take action on your unique creativity. Plan a play date (soon!) with a significant other. Tune into the music of laughter with friends. Pull down that craft project from the top closet shelf, and go into the timeless satisfaction of making something with your hands.

What About That Significant Other?

Venus (Love) conjunct Jupiter (Power) activates passion, attraction, and Magical Pleasures. Sharing such potent energy with another person satisfies the desire to connect at the deepest heart level. 

Sounds Fantastic!

Yes, and fleeting! Venus departs Fiery Discoveries Sagittarius to get grounded in Sure Footed Capricorn. Passionate affairs tend to shift into deeper explorations as her more discerning aspects demand higher standards. And with the New Moon in Sagittarius ready to open a whole can of “WHAT?” all over us, her Earth element influence helps us make choices from the heart of what is really important to us. 


I hear an echo.

What About The New Moon?

Oh! In the ultimate darkness of the New Moon in Sagittarius and new light of awareness is born. Most likely it arises from an existing situation, but don’t hold me to that since the creation energies continue to exponentially expand! As you are inspired – or provoked – track what ultimately pleases now and don’t let the past take you down (Venus Square Chiron). 

I’m Ready!

Awesome! Light the arrows of your dreams and shoot them toward this last six weeks of the year!

Make this a day to ROAR about!




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Art: On Fire by ElenaDudina


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Shamanic Weather Disclaimer

This is a general interpretation not meant to address individual natal charts, soul journeys or destiny paths. Take what works for you and leave the rest behind! Love!