Shamanic Weather 6/14-16 Sagittarius Strawberry Full Moon Super Moon

June is an entire month of Lightning Changes! OK, ALL of 2022 has felt like a massive, concurrent take-apart and rewiring of our world, from macro to micro levels. And this Sagittarius Strawberry Full Super Moon becomes  another flashpoint of insight and illusion.

Early in the morning on June 14, “I Want To Make Sense Of That” Sagittarius Full Moon shoots arrows of intention straight through to the Sun in “I Have A Question Gemini”. If we can keep that intention strong, we can see through any veils of self-deception and tap into the true messages for each of us.


First of all, you’ve got the POWER! Warrior God Mars is in his home sign of Let’s Get Started Aries and conjunct (joined) to Wounded Healer Chiron. They ignite a fire in you to use your gifts and abilities you’ve honed working with your own shadow experiences and feelings.

Second, Messenger Mercury just transited (moved) into HIS home sign of Gemini. Quicksilver thoughts zip through your brain in quantum leaps of understanding and perspective.

Third, Love Goddess Venus is conjunct (joined) with Destiny Path North Node in “Let’s Get Comfortable” Taurus. Oh, yeah, she’s helping you feel into where you want to go next.

You are empowered to make Lightning Changes


Keep in mind that Addiction or Ascension Neptune is square (challenge) to this Super Full Moon. This is where we could mislead ourselves, or be misled. All this Fire Element energy can create a false push to do or be a thing. Use the Earthly Pleasures Venus consciousness to help you find your focus and not roll out to any false alarm fires.


Coyote was lost

Coyote from Unsplash and Shutterstock – Warren Metcalf & Sebartz

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  • Select stones or other items that represent the Sun and the Moon. Hold the Sun Stone in your dominant hand, the Moon Stone in the other.
  • Send to your Sun Stone with words, thoughts, or song all the ideas tumbling about your head. Yes, you can write them down.
  • Imagine the fire of your Sun Stone shining light on your Moon Stone making it bright like the Full Moon.
  • Ask your Moon Stone to sort through this mind dump to help you discern what, if any of it, you want to go further with. Then, listen. Write down the good stuff. 
  • When done, thank both Stones for their assistance.

You don’t have to do this ON the Full Moon, but right around the date will work.

Make this a Lightning Changes Full Moon to Roar about!

Namaste ~ Mara

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Art: Cave Magic by Mystical Alchemy at Black Swan Temple

Shamanic Weather Disclaimer

This is a general interpretation not meant to address individual natal charts, soul journeys or destiny paths. Take what works for you and leave the rest behind! Love!