HeartFULL, that’s me right now.

I learned something so important this weekend. So many times in my life I felt unseen, unheard, in any crowd of people. The disconnect was very real for me. I was uneasy and sad. I had that puzzling question, do I belong anywhere?


This weekend I got to spend time with people I so love and enjoy. I felt seen, heard, loved, valued. Right now my heart smiles as different faces pop into my mind, and I’m feeling da love. And as I drove home, I sunk into the feeling, and I asked myself, why am I so satisfied? What is different?


The answer isn’t a “what” but a “who.”


I see me. I listen to me. It doesn’t matter whether anyone else does.  I genuinely was there for the experience of spending time with them and no “need” from it other than to be present. And I freaking didn’t even have to think about it! This just naturally evolved for me.


So I’m feeling heartFULL. This Cleansing Waters Pisces New Moon revealed a paradigm shift for me in ways I had not anticipated at all. Gonna stay present with that for a while. It’s like watching a bloom unfold.

Keeping this awareness in mind feels right as we end this Zodiac year and begin the next with the Spring Equinox and the start of Aries Season March 20, 2021. With this new cycle, we dream in the “what’s next.”

And, I hope whatever that is for you, it makes you feel heartFULL!

Make this a life to Roar about,

Namaste ~ Mara

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Art: Goddess of Water by Ronnie Picard

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