We spin on the overstimulating, mind numbing, too much info axis of exquisite intensity that is the world today.

The transpersonal (world affairs and people around us) smashes through our personal (what’s alive within us) and for many of us leaves us exhausted and jittery all at once.

Messenger Mercury just favorably balanced with the Destiny Path North Node, still in Here’s A Hug, Oh Wait, Virtual Hug I Hate Social Distancing Cancer. And 3/22 Mercury sextiles Mad Genius Uranus who’s about to burst with innovative solutions while feeling constrained in Take It Easy Taurus.

So tonight and for the next few days expect the unexpected messages from your own mind about what’s next in your life. AND you’ll see incredible ideas and solutions from the ingenious people behind the scenes who are working on solving the many logistical issues regarding our worldwide dilemma, a little bit of virus that can take down Goliath.

To add to the exquisite intensity, Saturn enters Humanitarian Aquarius tonight, 3/21/20. When a planet changes signs, the balance of the whole system shifts. We feel it.

Exquisite Intensity

Saturn is the ancient ruler of Aquarius where he exerts his intellectual guru-ship. He’s quite the “here’s how you do it,” multi-tasking control freak. I feel him breathing down my neck, or at least staring expectantly at me.

See, my natal Saturn is in Aquarius. I’m entering my Saturn Return. Things are about to get even more interesting for me…yeah…

Saturn will definitely help us all get grounded during these tough times, find kindness as a credo, and put one foot in front of the other toward a purposeful goal.

As soon as we can settle down over the shock of recent events, of pandemic and utter disruption.



Thank you for participating in our online Equinox event. I hope to upload that to YouTube very soon.

Thank you for wanting to be engaged during this incredibly intricate and volatile time. I’ll keep doing my best. I’m behind on responding to the many questions and contacts I’ve received in the past two days. Thank you for your patience.

I have so much love, appreciation, and yes, emotional exhaustion right now. LOTS of energy moves through me, through all of us.

We chose to be here now, at this time. So I know we can do it. We are in this together.

Thank you for all your support when I shared my shadow times yesterday. For the benefit of those who aren’t on Facebook, I’ve copied the post below this one. Just scroll down.

Right now I am feeling good, and like all of you, utterly unaware of what comes next. Sometimes it’s like a horror movie, sometimes like a thriller, sometimes like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Let’s just see what happens.

I’m feeling the love – Roar on!



Yes, I do Zoom and Phone Sessions – I would love to “see” you!


Shamanic Weather Disclaimer

This is a general interpretation not meant to address individual natal charts, soul journeys or destiny paths. Take what works for you and leave the rest behind! Love!

From my social post March 20, 2020

Star Woman

Tonight I finally had my big cry over all of this change, loss, and uncertainty. I think that was the healing that our online event brought for me. My shadow looms dark before me.

A month ago I was in this sweet spot, before Covid-19 hit us. After being so ill at the beginning of the year I was feeling healthy again and exercising. I was counting my blessings even as I experienced some big shifts and losses.

Spending over a week off work and then weeks recovering was a rude way to begin the year. Plus, during that time my Spirit Mom crossed. Then another good friend, a wonderful human being, unexpectedly passed a few weeks ago.

Two dear friends, truly soul sisters just left this week to live out of state. I know we’ll stay in contact. I’ll go visit, but our regular lunch dates are gone, for now…

The healing space where I teach closes at the end of this month. I had the opportunity to take it over, but after much soul wrestling with the idea I declined. It didn’t feel right for me to take on that responsibility, and I’d figure out some alternative for my classes.

Magically, another space opened for me! I was back to counting my blessings.

And then this virus became so very real, so potent, so global.

Everything changes. I know that. This, though, feels so big. So…endless.

Just like everyone I’ve got that overwhelm of grief, fear, loss, and I am sure there is some anger in there. I haven’t gotten to that feeling yet. I think I was in shock. So after our Spring Equinox event I had a wake-up cry, one of those “I don’t want to do this” moments.

And it is passing. I cry, write, feel it pass.

Until the next time. Cuz I think it’s quite likely I’ll go there again. We all will since the situation keeps changing, and there is nothing we can do but live through it.

Much love and blessings to all of us. Whether I’m whimpering or roaring, I’m here.