When you hit energy overload you know it’s time to stop and get grounded. Whether you are buzzing with interdimensional transmissions or prone with empath exhaustion, today’s energies encourage us all to take a pause and breathe.


All three personal planets just moved into new astrological signs (transited), and transits are intense!

  • What I Think Mercury left One Thing At A Time Capricorn to move into It’s Time For A Cool Change Aquarius. Our thoughts literally speed up, travel multiple pathways, and transcend previously perceived blockages. Intuition levels shoot skyward. This can make it hard to turn off your mind.
  • What I Feel Venus moved out of Fiery Sagittarius for Earthy Capricorn. Your heart demands a home base, clearer boundaries, and well-defined needs and priorities. You may need some time for yourself, perhaps nest a bit, and clean a few stuffed feelings up.
  • What I Do Mars finally departed his home sign of Do It Now Aries to land in Take Your Time Taurus. This could mean you shift into productive focus OR passive aggressive procrastination. As a Yang influence Mars is rarely a subtle archetype!


Is your heart hurting? Address your Venusian needs compassionately. Let Dolphin remind you – connection with your pod helps you disperse overwhelming feelings and catch your breath.

Do your Mercurial thoughts race? Write it out. Yeah, you can talk, but writing is a personal conversation with yourself and your soul. Clarity inches closer, and the quiet of emptiness becomes attainable. When your throat chakra is satisfied, you can finally sleep!

Do you lack motivation? Too many projects have you scrolling social media or binge watching instead of getting anything done? Take that Martian Bull by the horns and out for a run. Go on a bike ride. Or hit the deck and give me 20! Physical activity reconnects your purpose with action. OWN your time and choices!


It is. 

This first week of 2021 blindsided us with the grossly obvious. And, once again, we find the only thing we can “control” is what happens within ourselves. 

Do I react, or respond? Is this mine, or is it someone else’s? What can I really DO in this energy overload moment?

Sacred alignments this weekend invite new alliances within ourselves that can propagate out to the collective. Seek resolution within. Listen for your soul’s truth.

Venus Trine Mars brings a new, earth-based balance between our desires and choices. 

Mercury conjunct Saturn further activates the arising Aquarian wave and generates deeper, substantial meditation and communications.

Energy overload precedes creation! The lightning strikes the water, and new forms emerge. Let’s surrender to the process and seed our next incarnation with the coming New Moon in Capricorn.

Make this a new year to Roar about!

Namaste ~ Mara

I hope I see you at the Shamanic Goddess Circle!

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Amazing Art : Inner Space by Carlos Quevedo

Shamanic Weather Disclaimer

This is a general interpretation not meant to address individual natal charts, soul journeys or destiny paths. Take what works for you and leave the rest behind! Love!

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