The Chiron Lilith New Moon for March 24, 2020 amplifies the ever growing Covid-19 wound coursing through all of us. No one remains untouched by the new reality rapidly evolving every moment of each day.

Wounded Healer Chiron brings our raw pain to unbearable focus. Dark Moon Lilith stalks the shadows we must feel to heal. Sun and Moon, meeting with them in the sign of the Breakthrough Ram, Aries, join inner psyche and outer self into enlightened awareness and animal panic. 

And we meet ourselves and our world with only one direction available: walk through this and survive.

Seeking Answers

As a shamanic practitioner I use shamanic journey to go into altered states and ask for guidance and healing. Part of my preparation for this journey was NOT to read or watch any other presentations regarding the purpose or remedy for this disease as given by other practitioners. I wanted to be as blank a page as possible. Plus, I have had so many in-the-moment tasks and challenges arise as restrictions grow daily, and my classes and clients are accommodated, that I really haven’t been able to read or watch much of anything other than immediate needs to meet.

So in all this busy-ness I consulted my spiritual allies through quiet topside world experiences and in my personal meditations. 

After two weeks of this, I took my journey. What is this virus, and how can we work with the energy from a shamanic perspective? Where is the healing? I share what happened here with you not as the “truth” but as my experience for  you to interpret or integrate as you will.

Shamanic Journey

I really do “journey” when I do this, meaning a part of me leaves my body and this dimension to travel other spaces of non-ordinary reality (Harner) or the Void. I have special places I go depending upon the task.

In this journey I met with my “senior” spiritual allies. They put me through a purification process, then took me to an area where we often sit around a small fire and hold council. This time, though, we stood.

One took me by the shoulders and positioned me just so in front of an elongated oval scrying mirror made of polished black obsidian. It was as tall as I am and seemed to stand up on its own.

Endless Blackness

I was standing at an angle to the mirror, facing a bit to one side. I was told to turn my eyes only, and look to the edge of the mirror, not the center. This is what one does to see faint stars at night, look right next to them. So I did. The mirror suddenly grew larger and I was sucked into it, into the endless blackness. 

“What is here?,” I wondered. I looked and looked. Far below me were complex patterns that may have been dimensional structures, but I really don’t know. They were the virus, and it became known to me. The consciousness of the disease isn’t anything humans can understand. And it doesn’t understand or even know us. It is completely alien, no thoughts of “self” or “others”, just hungry, always hungry. 

“Then what is all this blackness?” I asked.

Empty space. Endless, vacuum-like nothingness that can hold an infinity of anything. And it has lots of room for what we are unintentionally putting into it: Fear, Pain, Panic, Anger, Grief, all those shadows the Chiron Lilith New Moon reveal. They merge with the non-consciousness of the virus to give it human attributes we can better identify and castigate. Our shadows become thoughtforms on a massive scale. 

It was so huge, all this darkness, and terrifying. And with my terror I too fed the gross shadow field. “Guides, help me stop this,” I called out.

Pestilence and Death

What does this world wide pandemic trigger for me, personally? I was taken through my own personal shadows such as the pain of a tortuous death. I remembered, felt, cried, whimpered, rejected. Old losses, traumas, illnesses arose. I was told this was part of the healing process. Let the shadow move through. No denial can be allowed. In the depths I asked, “what is the medicine for this?”

Would you be surprised they told me to send love to the frightening emptiness and archetypal thoughtforms? My heart had contracted with fear. Find a grain of love, they said. The tiniest bit. Give it away to the shadows that shroud the virus. 

So I did. I focused on that small awareness of love and beamed it out. I asked for help magnifying it. I began to breathe in pestilence and death, and breathe out healing and relief (Tonglen). Somehow that magnified the love in my heart. I watched the darkness pull back. Tendrils of shadow smoke pulled out and away from my body, going back with it. I was bathed in golden, healing light. I felt my edges grow stronger, and I was renewed spiritually. I was pulled out of the dark mirror and tended to by my guides, then returned.

What Does This Mean?

The virus is the anchor and the size reflective of the pain of the world. I can’t heal a group consciousness this vast and anchored. All I can heal is how it lives in me. I’d prefer NOT to have to deal with this as a physical reality, and so I invite shamanic and other tools to heal my shadows and generate more love I can share with the powerful shadow field surrounding the virus.

I was shown we do this together and we win. Plagues have raced across the world before. This one hits our civilization at a time when we are so globally connected we can easily spread contagion from continent to continent in relatively no time at all. Not everyone follows a specific shamanic tradition, but we all can do our shadow work and send the self-love byproduct forth to help heal the collective.

How Do We Do That?

Let the shadows rise within and meet them. Imagine the hidden flash point of the Chiron Lilith New Moon activating instant awareness. A story may surface, an old wound throb. Cry, scream, rage, shudder. Seek to heal all of this at the source, within yourself. For me, using the Tonglen practice helped, and of course shamanic extraction. You will learn what works for you to help move through the darkness within.

The medicine brewing does not add to the collective Disease Consciousness that’s grown around the virus. You take yours on full force, then self soothe and refill. Get to a neutral, balanced heart space. Stay there for some time. Ask for healing and strengthening. Ask for a renewal of love within.

When you are ready, imagine sending some of that new love out to the gaping, black wound of the Disease Consciousness. You keep disconnecting from it as you volunteer love. How much love will it take to mend the tear? I don’t know. So much. This has been building so very long. I know I’ll keep cycling through this process.

Will You Or I Get Sick?

I don’t know. Aren’t we already, in a way, sick with the too much, too full, too fast nature of our lives? Now it has all stopped. We are forced to stay at home and go within. We have no choice but to dwell with our shadows and address them. In the process we rediscover our needs and values, and remember who we are and what we want from life. Reinvention, resetting, restructuring, put all those tag words to it! 

I will create recordings and events to help you through this. We can also work one-on-one in shamanic healing sessions. Keep watch on my various feeds and website for announcements.

Chiron Lilith New Moon

Aries comes first in the zodiac and represents focus on self, new beginnings, and fiery movement. We come full circle and begin again. The poignant darkness of this New Moon heralds death and rebirth. Give yourself time during this Dark of the Moon to find peace and compassion for yourself, and ultimately you will for us all.

New Moon blessings to you,


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