Shamanic Weather Full Moon Eclipse Nov 8 2022

Blood Moon Shadow

You’ll feel it whether or not you are in the blood moon shadow. With the November 8, 2022 Full Moon Eclipse in “Can’t Make Me Move” Taurus, we exit the Eclipse Transformation Tunnel that began with the “Can’t Make Me Tell” Scorpio New Moon on October 25. And, yes, we emerge powerfully changed.

Astrologically, we are influenced strongly by planetary archetypes aspecting each other in Fixed (stubborn) Signs. Squares (challenges) and oppositions (polarities) ramp up the tension and conflict. They dominate this Full Moon chart! Negativity abounds, but…

Grand Trine in Water

Earthly Feminine Venus, Spiritual Feminine Neptune and Shadow Feminine Lilith form a Grand Trine (empowered balance) in Sexy Scorpio, No Boundaries Pisces, and Heart Hugs Cancer, respectively. A Grand Trine in Water exerts a tidal influence on our feelings, passions, and desires, helping to level the waters.

We have an opportunity for deep healing by (or for?) the Divine Feminine with this alignment.

But, Blood Moon Shadow…

And in the process of healing we often move through some very painful phases. With all the hard (difficult) aspects of this Full Moon Eclipse, we may find exiting the Eclipse Transformation Tunnel a rather intense process akin to the labor of childbirth. 

So Be Kind

Does yelling at a woman giving birth stop her from screaming in pain? We are in this new reality birthing process together, and under the red glow of the blood moon shadow, kindness is deeply needed medicine.

Shamanic Ceremony

I’m going to recommend the Water Ceremony for Healing with the Divine Feminine:

Shamanic Ceremony

I’m going to recommend the Water Ceremony for Healing with the Divine Feminine.

Materials: Bowl, water, and I used dried rose petals and dried lavender.

Create a beautiful altar space for your ceremony. 

Invite your Shamanic Allies to surround and support you.

Sink into the waters of your emotional pool.

What is the reason you are seeking healing?

Optional:  Journal a bit about what is moving within you. 

When you feel ready, pour water into your bowl, saying, “I ask for Healing with the Divine Feminine.”

Hold the bowl in your hands, and restate the blessing three more times.

Now, set the bowl down on your altar, and scatter a few pieces of lavender into it, saying,

“May this offering soothe my soul.” 

Then, hold a Rose Petals in your hand. 

Flow into the Rose Petal your desire to soothe and heal the Divine Feminine within you.

Drop the Rose Petal in the water, saying, 

“Divine Feminine Healing for the hearts of all beings. Sacred Waters, I thank you.”

Sit with the beauty and listen for any additional messages.


Once you feel complete, pour the water and Rose Petal on the Earth as an offering to Gaia.

I made a video to explain how to do this using the kit I made for the recent Craft Faire, and you can view it HERE. But, you can assemble your own at home.

We really are all in this together. Let’s make it a Full Moon Eclipse where we remember that!

Namaste ~ Mara

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Shamanic Weather Disclaimer

This is a general interpretation not meant to address individual natal charts, soul journeys or destiny paths. Take what works for you and leave the rest behind! Love!