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Your Healed Wounds may throb a bit over the next few days of the Libra Full Moon, April 5-6. Not to get math-y on you, but this is a multiplication effect where one thing builds upon another, and all under the Shadow and Spotlight of “World Breaker” Pluto now stepping into “I Just Had Another Vision” Aquarius.


You could be enjoying that “hurts so good” feeling, or groaning out the words “not again!” Here’s what’s triggering your healed wounds:

Full Moon

Your Inner Self Moon is fully exposed and illuminated by your Outer Self Sun. Moon in Libra is sensitive, relationship oriented, wants love and fairness and companionship. Sun in Aries is the warrior archetype, self satisfaction and action oriented, and wants an adrenaline and dopamine shooter. So the oppositional Full Moon dynamic sets ya up for a juicy argument over what to do on Friday night, or who’s needs come first.

Power Boost

“Let Me Super-Size That For You” Jupiter teams up with “When Will We Get Over This Chiron” and “Here’s How I SHINE Sun” in a powerful conjunction (alignment)

Since they meet up in “C’mon, Let’s Go!” Aries, it sounds like someone hooked up a blow-out-the-speakers amplifier to the competing voices in your head. Discernment between old stories and healthier, new choices helps you apply the abundant energy in your favor! 

Get A Grip

“Oh Honey Let’s Snuggle” Venus in one of the two signs she rules, “I Like To Be Comfortable” Taurus, sextiles (yummy active boost) “I Have A Feeling You’ll Like This” Neptune in “There’s Nothing Holding Me Back” Pisces. The benefit of your healed wounds includes more space for sweeter connections. We’re talking delicious benefits!

Healed Wounds Messages

And, “I Have A Message For You” Mercury, freshly into Taurus, sextiles “I Can Get You Out Of This” Saturn, also in “Oceans of Emotions” Pisces. They remind you of your own wisdom, intuition, and skills born of your experiences and deep personal work. Acknowledge and use them now as opportunities for richer relationships, including the one with yourself, are revealed.

Helpful Actions

“Got My Orders-Gonna Do The Job” Warrior God Mars still trines (peaceful balancing) with that bossy Saturn. You feel clearly directed on whatever choices and issues are on your plate.

Your Libra Full Moon Ceremony can include spending time reflecting upon and releasing the form of past relationships and welcoming and embracing the new.   

Make this a Full Moon to Roar about!

Namaste ~ Mara

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This was a social media post from 4/3/23:

Shamanic Weather Mini

Healed Wounds AI Magician

Shamanic Weather Mini – April 3, 2023 – Full Moon Prep

Maybe, like me, your sleep was a bit interrupted or fitful last night. Maybe you had messages or medicine dreams that disturbed you.

“I Want To Tell You Something” Mercury just shifted into “I’m Ready To Take A Nap Taurus”, then plowed into a square (challenge) with “I Just Got Started Shaking Up The World In Aquarius What The Freak Do You Want?” Pluto.


Intense communications could make you and, well, all of us uncomfortable.

Keep a watch on tone and eyerolls. We have some good vibes up ahead, but this week starts out a bit, ah, testy.

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Shamanic Weather Disclaimer

This is a general interpretation not meant to address individual natal charts, soul journeys or destiny paths. Take what works for you and leave the rest behind! Love!