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Shamanic Weather Extra 4/13/18

The Smoke Clears

As Mercury Retrograde in Aries rams us with the final hours (at this posting, about 30) of fiery fury, we can relish the fact that this epic retrograde is nearly over! The smoke clears and we begin to see much more clearly, distinctly.

As a shamanic practitioner, I am in the energy preview mode. I get a head-up about energy shifts and flows…though not always…

The epic ringing in the ears subsides. That sense of dragging 50 lbs weights around all day drops away. Strangely concurrent numbness and over sensitivity resolves.

You will feel Way Mo’ Bedda. You may already be aware of the change as the smoke clears.

So – while you flow over from cooking in the fire to “Wow, I feel better!” let the seeds of your dreams show up for you. See them falling down from the sky, erupting from your heart. You’ll be working some manifestation magic soon, very soon!



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