shamanic2Shamanic Training with Mara

Shamanic Training empowers you to integrate Shamanism into your self-care practices and, for healers, add a new layer of skills to your “toolbox.”

Shamanism is a framework for understanding and navigating “non-ordinary” reality. Tribal communities around the world all had a village shaman to act as intermediary between the people and the unseen world.

Traditionally, shamans would use their connection to their guides to:

  • Go into a trance to locate the game to hunt
  • Speak for the ancestors in traditional ceremonies
  • Appeal to their spiritual helpers and the elements to heal the sick and wounded
  • Call in rain, or a bountiful harvest, or whatever else was desired.
  • Perform spiritual tasks as needed for their tribe.

Now as modern students we learn how to come into right alignment, ayni, with the natural world around us and the spirit that lives in all things, to connect with our personal guides and power animals, and to dream our world into being. Self-healing occurs as an integrative part of the training experience.

First Session (Soul Retrieval) is a personal healing session that can be taken before or during Shamanic Training. It is required to complete the first level of training.

Group Training Path

The synergistic element of group consciousness calls in the perfect companions for each class. Students commonly form friendships and hold activities outside of class, though that is not required.

First Step Shamanic Training

First Step is a five month course designed to get your connection flowing with your guides and power animals. You begin to build your mesa.

You learn how to journey (enter the altered state), what kind of journeys to take, and what to do while in a journey, with focus on safe practices and techniques. MORE INFORMATION

Second Step Shamanic Training

In Second Step you learn deeper journey practices and other common tools of shamanism. You have opportunities to journey for other students, connect with ancestors and land guardians, and acquire skills for shadow work and divination.

At this point you have the basic, practical skills to practice Shamanism for yourself competently and safely. MORE INFORMATION

Journey Quest

Journey Quest is an ongoing, advanced training. Subjects covered evolve and change with each six month course.

The advanced course is recommended for those who wish to go deeper into Shamanism and for professionals seeking continuing education. Please see my training calendar here. Link to page showing upcoming sessions or to calendar. MORE INFORMATION

Personal Training Path

Personal Shamanic Training is a one-on-one program available for students seeking rapid growth and change.

Intake – An Intake session assesses your current skill level, goals, and needs.

Training – Personalized schedule built around three-session increments. At least one session per month. MORE INFORMATION

The Mentorship Program – Are you ready to become a Shamanic Practitioner? Do you already have a healing practice and need help growing it?
Guides you into your unique expression of shamanic healing as a lifestyle and life work. You enter into a commitment with yourself, Spirit and Mara to up-level your creative flow and expand your business to support you.

Some people have moved into a new career in as little as one year. Please schedule an appointment with Mara to learn more.

Reiki Attunements and Munay-Ki

Both Reiki and the Munay-Ki add richness to your Shamanic Training. Both are available in Group Installations (scheduled throughout the year) or one-on-one. Learn more here.