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Sensitive Souls Master Journey

April 24 @ 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Sensitive Souls Confidence and Empowerment Boost

Master Journey: Sensitive Souls Confidence And Energy Boost

How The Master Journey Works:

I take a group Master Journey on behalf of everyone who has signed up. I limit the number of participants to 24 people.

You don’t do or attend anything. You are simply included as long as you sign up!

During the Master Journey I work on each individual participant during the journey as well as the entire group as a whole.

Then, I make a recording to send to everyone to share the overall Master Journey experience! You can choose to listen, or not worry about it. The work is done for you!

Group Master Journey

SOLD OUT: April 4, 2024 – 2 pm PDT

➡️ NEW DATE: April 24, 2024 – 2:30 PM


As a Sensitive Soul, you are more likely to be impacted by energetically intense events in your life. The past sets patterns for the present, like ripples in a pond, that can begin to burden you with “callouses” on your Soul Skin.

Your healing for the Master Journey helps to clear:

  • Thick layers of “protection” that stop you from receiving higher energies like joy and love and feeling safe among other people.
  • Past traumas where your sensitivity made you a target for others.
  • Tendencies for a body response to energetic intrusion, such as: allergies, injuries, menstrual cycle woes, headaches, and digestive tract inflammation.
  • Ego tenderness where you are easily triggered or end up being the projector screen for the triggers of others.
  • No confidence vote against yourself. Endless self doubt and lack, therefore, of decisive action.

And whatever else the Guides find is ready for healing.

⚡Confidence and Energy Boost

You’ll Receive:

The Munay-Ki Bands of Power, a major upgrade to your personal energy protection practices. If you have received them before, you’ll notice an uptick in activity!

Solar Plexus Cleanse and Auric Shield Healing to help you purge what isn’t yours and return to the balanced wholeness of who you are and how your Soul chose to show up for this lifetime.

Major Earth Root Assist – Grounding is essential for managing the powerful emotions and other energies you encounter daily.

Reconnection with your Shamanic Allies – You don’t have to do this all alone. This Earth reality comes with all kinds of Nature Spirits, Power Animals, and Guardians who are available to assist you 24/7.

Solar Flare Inoculation – This year, my Guides initiated me in the latest updates to working with the Solar Maximum transmissions delivered in CME’s (Coronal Mass Ejections), Solar Winds, Solar Flares, and more. I am to pass this on to YOU so you can receive and integrate what’s appropriate for you, and release what isn’t, all with far more comfort and less disruption on those big energy days.

And, of course, we leave the door open for the Guides to drop in whatever would be most beneficial for you.

💖For Sensitive Souls

  • Your empathy, compassion and sensitivity are a treasure.
  • You came here to both experience and to give.
  • You deserve to have an amazing life of both nuance and delight!
Master Journey and Shocking Changes Shamanic Weather

image found on Flickr

What You Do

Nothing but sign up! 

With your permission given by you signing up, I will bring each of you at the soul level into my Journey for individual work as well as work on the group as a whole.

The work is done, and you receive it then, or later if that is your preference. You can say to the Universe, “I want to have this energy shift begin at 7 pm tonight,” and that’s when it happens. 

And we’re done!

Afterward, I’ll get the recording out as soon as possible. It’s an extra bonus for you to listen but not required.

You’ll get the email with the recording link, and IF YOU WANT TO, you can take some time to sit back and listen to the report.


The work will expand differently depending upon the person. You may:

  • Find yourself clearer minded more and more.
  • Instead of shutting down, you lean into triggering people and situations.
  • Notice your connection with your body becomes more peaceful.
  • When triggered, remember to ask “Is This Even Mine?”
  • Discover that your response to difficult challenges feels sooo much stronger.
  • People seem to “change” how they treat you.
  • Relax into flow rather than fighting the coulda-woulda-shoulda’s that once plagued you.


Go HERE to register!

cover art by Mara with MJ

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April 24
2:30 pm - 4:00 pm
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