We all took a Wild Ride this week on the Karmic Rollercoaster, didn’t we? Right now, January 22, 2021, we are getting a chance to catch our breath under the calming influence of the Moon in Let’s Get Comfortable Taurus.

In fact, the tender side of the Bull helps gentle the effects of this Wild Ride with the Empowerment King Jupiter, Take Action War God Mars, and Mad Genius Uranus. But just before midnight Pacific Time on January 22, the Moon moves into OOh, Shiny! Gemini, and then Mars and Jupiter square off. And the energy edges up again.


Oh, Gemini likes to stir things up (come on, admit it. You do!) and is happy to poke at the embers of the week. So when the Mars/Jupiter challenge causes you to doubt recent choices or actions, the Gemini Moon can keep you thinking and questioning, and sleepless.


Right! Plan on a nice nap for Saturday afternoon. Where Is The Love Venus enjoys a spiritual alignment with her higher expression Inspiration Or Illusion Neptune. So the self doubt and worry can shift into a sort of epiphany of love and compassion. Out of the darkness of confusion shines the light of new awareness. 


Recent events have cracked open our hearts. We are left emotionally drained and soul tired. And the prospect of continued lockdowns dampens hope and kills the mood. 

Let the Venus trine Neptune realization of love inspire you to be kind with yourself. Gain a new focus with Saturday night’s Sun and Saturn alignment. They’ll help you remember your core values and recommit to honoring them. 

You chose to be here during this time and take this wild ride with the rest of use. I’m glad you’re here! However you navigated this intense week, you made it. That alone is something to celebrate.

Make this a weekend to ROAR about!

Namaste ~ Mara


 ~ Shamanic Training begins next week!

 ~ Reiki I training on February 22!


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ART: Crossing by Carpe Diem


Shamanic Weather Disclaimer

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