Healing With Tara

Healing With Tara

Experience Healing with Tara at the Shamanic Goddess ZOOM Circle

Let the tightness in your throat and the ache in your heart relax. Tara helps you quiet those never-ending voices of worry in your head. Wrap yourself up in the sweet relief of her love and take a vacation from the emotional and mental intensity that surrounds you. 

To experience this healing with Tara you’ll want to have a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted. Surround yourself with items of comfort, and if you feel the call, something to offer to the Goddess such as a piece of fruit, edible seeds, or fragrant incense. 

Spring Cleaning Card Reading

Spring Cleaning Card Reading

Learn how to do your own Spring Cleaning Card Reading at the Shamanic Goddess Circle!

Friday, March 6, 2020 – $20 (Pay at store OR online HERE)

7 pm at the Tree of Life Metaphysical Books and Gifts

4870 Santa Monica Ave. Suite 1A

San Diego, California 92107


** no onsite restroom

Answer that urge to purge with a Spring Cleaning Card Reading. You’ll get on track with your personal program to shake up the stagnant winter energies and whip up a potent tonic of Shamanic Goddess rejuvenation!

Your 2020 Goddess

Your 2020 Goddess

Begin the new decade hand-in-hand with your 2020 Shamanic Goddess! Our spiritual allies appear in many forms. Your 2020 Shamanic Goddess comes to you as a personal emissary of the Divine Feminine.  In Goddess form she becomes your ally, mentor, sister, daughter or...
Shamanic Goddess Treasure Maps

Shamanic Goddess Treasure Maps

Your 2020 Shamanic Goddess Treasure Map anchors the Foundations for your intentions and dreams of the coming year.

2020 is a Universal FOUR Year!

That means we raise ourselves to our highest spiritual vibration through deliberate choices and thoughtful balance. We build a better Foundation!


    • Body – Get fit, move to a better location, learn to paint/dance/play an instrument
    • Heart – Heal old wounds, invite new love, expand community connections
    • Mind – Hone a skill, raise personal awareness, meditate
    • Soul – Dig deeper, forgive the past, share your unique soul song


Set the tone NOW for a freaking AWESOME year.

Money Honey

Money Honey

Activate Your Money Honey
The Shamanic Goddess Circle
Friday, November 8, 2019 – 7 pm – Tree of Life
Isn’t it about time you got your abundance flowing? Bee-lieve me, the Shamanic Goddess wants to help you activate Your Money Honey!
It’s natural – the Feminine Divine is all about attraction rather than manifestation. You, Queen Bee, deserve the sweet things in life.
Expect Guided Journey and Shamanic Healing to help unblock and open wide your channels for receiving.