You can feel the breathless quiet of the Solstice Sacred Space as we enter this orb of magic around the traditional longest night here in the Northern Hemisphere.


How Is This a Solstice Sacred Space?

The final Solstice of the decade offers a profound death for what you are ready to leave behind you. And this “death” creates an empty space, a Solstice Sacred Space, for us to pause and be with a vacuum not quite ready to be filled. 


Let’s Fill It With Love

Love Goddess Venus just launched from Super Practical Capricorn to Quantum Leap Aquarius. She favorably connects with Wounded Healer Chiron hours before the solstice. Here we are set up to review our growth from deep core wounds with compassion and the broad acceptance that the Aquarian energy lends her


And AFTER the solstice, she squares off with the Mad Genius Uranus, the only planet currently retrograde. Unexpected attractions and liaisons can result. Now that can be an out-of-this-world foray into wild, weird and magical!


How Wild?

Very, especially with Take Action Mars sextiling Change Everything Pluto. That Solstice Sacred Space we opened up quickly fills with creation energy. And with a New Moon Solar Eclipse pending and a new decade beginning, the Universal synchronicity is uncanny and exciting!


I Am Feeling It!

Do you see how the masculine and feminine entwine through this solstice? We pivot from feminine nights growing longer to the masculine light gaining hold again. From the death of the year we dream in new life. 


I love the image of the first rays of the sun inseminating the darkness of the chamber at Newgrange during the days around the solstice. To me, this is the Sacred Masculine and the Divine Feminine activating creation energy.



I don’t know about you but friends I haven’t heard from in awhile have been contacting me. I think we all have this desire to reconnect to our soul family. Find a local event for Solstice / Yule and spend time with your people! And, find some Sacred Solstice Space some time in the next few days to honor the past and prepare to initiate the dreams of the new year, new decade.


May you enjoy a peaceful Solstice experience.





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Shamanic Sound Journey and 2020 Treasure Maps!


Art: Winter Goddess, artist unknown.


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Shamanic Weather Disclaimer

This is a general interpretation not meant to address individual natal charts, soul journeys or destiny paths. Take what works for you and leave the rest behind! Love!