Shamanic Weather Labor Day Weekend 2022


The solar wind inspired geomagnetic storm continues, lighting up the night at higher latitudes with the Auroral displays, and flooding us all with the cosmic update: Solar Codes.

Beyond the sheer joy of such spectacular natural fireworks is the shamanic reality that the conversation between our Star and Mother Earth is richly layered and intense at the moment.

And each of us can be affected!


In shamanism we believe everything has a consciousness, even if we can’t see or comprehend it. So for me, the Sun and Earth each have their own being-ness. You can say they have a relationship and communicate. Their conversation can include Solar Codes transmitted through magnetism, solar winds, and other ways we don’t understand. 


Some of what is exchanged would most likely be incomprehensible to humans. I believe and experience, however, these Solar Codes as downloads that can activate awareness, creativity, and healing. But since these data packets are compressed, they can also be too much.


I think it goes two ways (with variances on a spectrum, of course):

1 – You are jazzed, high on life, and getting things DONE. It’s fun to play or work, and friends are a delight. These downloads are Vitamin Life inspiring you to do you. Your personal energetics are resilient and ready to engage with whatever is before you.

2 – Ah, you are tired. Sleep is either really sketchy or so deep your dreams seem to cloud your waking time. You feel moody and overstimulated, and could take a self-esteem dive. You may be an empath or highly sensitive soul who could use some mindful resourcing and rest.


If you are type 1, enjoy yourself! Try to take a moment to write down highlights of your current experience. And, if you have been purposely working on growing your relationship with yourself, these Solar Codes are helping you further expand your capacity to love and share love.

Type 2’s are on the shadow side of the Type 1 experience. You’ll get back to the flow, but meanwhile, this is what is present, this discomfort.

Have a quiet conversation with yourself. Are you over-stimulated, feeling exhausted and emotionally raw? Then the messages coming in illuminate your need to refocus on what takes care of YOU.

Connect with your Star family here on Earth as we are enter the most potent energy aspects of 2022. Take Soul Shifts!

Namaste ~ Mara

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Art: Dock over water image taken by Tony Wilder on September 3, 2022 @ LaCrosse, WI or Aurora Borealis by Noel Bauza on Pixabay 640.

Shamanic Weather Disclaimer

This is a general interpretation not meant to address individual natal charts, soul journeys or destiny paths. Take what works for you and leave the rest behind! Love!