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Scorpio Full Moon Shadow Work

Your Scorpio Full Moon Shadow Work continues the Mercury Retrograde theme of deep, inner work. It’s relentless, this churning of your Soul’s very soil. You are actively composting that old “stuff” into something useful, no longer a burden or blockage.

Not Loving The Scorpio Full Moon Shadow Work?

Going deeper is unavoidable, especially since this Mercury Retrograde in Aries already has us looking within and digging through the ego’s dirty laundry.  

Plus Pluto, King of Hell and whose banner reads “Creation through Destruction,” is the ruler of Super Sleuth Scorpio and squares (challenges) the Full Moon. 

All these cosmic players come together to help push us through our resistance to change.


The Full Moon is on April 23, and Mercury Retrograde ends April 25. But, the RetroShade continues through May 13, when Outer You Sun conjuncts (aligns with) Rebel Genius Uranus. So that “ending” is just another “beginning.” In truth, there is no “over,” just breaks.

Phoenix New Moon in Scorpio Heart Agitation


Do your Scorpio Full Moon Shadow Work as part of your Full Moon ritual, and follow it up with something that makes your heart smile. Always refill the excavated depths of your psyche with loving goodness. What makes you joyful and nurtures your sense of pleasure and peacefulness? That, do that!


The April 20 Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction spread super-seeds of possibilities and unexpected outcomes. Imagine them selectively sprouting and taking root in your possibility zones, your destiny paths that are naturally the best for you. 

Create a Scorpio Full Moon Shadow Work ceremony where you seek out, uncover, and allow to emerge unexpressed and unmet angry feelings, old grief, frustrated tears, frantic fears and profound pain. Cry, scream, dance, beat the Earth, or primal scream into a pillow.

Find – Feel – Express – Heal

Die to your past self. Burn up the old patterns, written pages, paper thin excuses, and self sabotage patterns. Let the Scorpio Shadows become the Golden Phoenix of rebirth, the next, and upgraded, unfettered, and unabashed version of YOU!

Make this a Full Moon to Roar about! In fact, watch my Shamanic Weather Video that goes deeper!


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Shamanic Weather Disclaimer

This is a general interpretation not meant to address individual natal charts, soul journeys or destiny paths. Take what works for you and leave the rest behind! Love!

Art by Mara with MJ