Your New Year Elemental Medicine

For the next few days let’s use Elemental Medicine to transition gracefully into the New Year.

(You can, of course, do this at any time. And, the change of year portal is potent!)

EARTH Elemental Medicine

Select an Earth symbol such as a rock, boulder, field, soil from your backyard, or even tree roots. It needs to be organic, natural.

Touch or hold it (at the very least, an image of it).

In Shamanism, we believe everything has a form of consciousness. Ask the Spirit of the stone or the land you are touching to work with you.

If you feel a no, select a different symbol. Most often, there’s a sense of rightness.

Now, ask for help grounding. Pay attention to what your body does or feels as you do.

Did you take a deep breath and settle in?

Was that a tingle in your hand, or a heaviness in your feet?

How did your hearing change?

If you already take Shamanic Journeys, you can go deeper by following the connection to Lower World and learning more about this particular Earth nature spirit.

Now, throughout the day, touch and connect with other Earth spirits: flowers, trees, mountains, cliffs.

Practice grounding with them even if you can’t touch them. What would it be like if you did that every day?

The dream is to make it as common as breathing. I live, I breathe, I ground.

Do this Earth Elemental Medicine practice as often as you can everyday. The more you practice, the easier it is to do when you really need it.

WATER Elemental Medicine

After Earth grounding we flow with the ever changing, fascinating power of water in all its forms.

What brought you to tears/rain, ecstasy/geyser, peace/lake, overwhelm/waterfall, focus/river, spiritual perspective/ocean?

What forms of water did you experience?

  • Standstill – ice
  • Movement – liquid
  • Transformation – vapor or steam

Water symbolizes emotions. It carries important information and, like a flood or high tide, can not be ignored. 

Explore your various emotional states throughout this past year and how you are feeling about this new year ahead.

Take a glass of water. Speak all your troubles, anger, fear, regrets and other “shadow” feelings into it.

Then, add in your hopes, desires, and dreams.

Invite healing and right relationship with yourself.

Follow up with love, acceptance and gratitude for all the water/feelings in your life.

And drink it down.

Be with yourself for a bit, maybe journal.

FIRE Elemental Medicine

Our relationship with the Spirit of Fire spirals up from the center of our cells. After grounding with Earth Medicine, then accessing our primal power of Water/Emotional vastness, we become alchemical masters with Fire.

Fire both destroys and creates. Bright light and dark ash symbolize the Yin/Yang aspects of change. Fire requires the Magic of Three: oxygen, heat and fuel to exist.

And it’s the fastest way to transform anything.

So, get ready to burn something. December 31 of any year is an auspicious time to do this!

In my own Shamanic training I learned a specific Fire Ceremony where we burn a leaf, twig, or other dried up piece of plant life.

You could also write a letter.

  • Blow into the leaf (or write down) the Hungry Ghosts of 2023 you wish to leave behind. You are done with the regret, the relationship, the fear, the loss, and honor the experiences, but wish to go beyond them.
  • Also, Blow (or record) what you are inviting for 2024. Dream big! Don’t hold back!
  • Then toss your leaf or letter into the fire. As it burns, draw the smoke back to you with your hands, sweeping the energy of change into your personal energy field.
  • Then, as we do with any Ceremony, offer gratitude to your Shamanic Allies, Spirit, whoever you honor in your practices.

Let the fire ebb, the smoke clear, and welcome the New Year!

AIR  Elemental Medicine

Working with the element of Air positions you to master your thoughts and expand your visionary skills.

Air is considered the mental element, representing the power of the Mind/Will. When your stormy thoughts work against you and stop you from focusing, or trying, or speaking up, it’s time to make your mind your friend.

Read the journey below over, and visualize it for yourself.

Take A Journey

See yourself standing at the top of a great canyon, like the Grand Canyon, near the edge, where you can feel the wind pushing up to you from the depths below.

In the distance dark clouds boil toward you. Lightning sparks while great booms thunder loudly.

Those are your wild, fragmented and energy-full worries, fears, regrets and dreads shredding your mental resilience.

You are ready to shift that. Tune into your own heartbeat, slow and strong. Imagine yourself creating a bright, calm bubble, a center of peace and grounded presence.

Raise your arms up from your sides, palms facing upward, as if you are getting ready to embrace the storm.

Then, call it in. Bring all that energy right to you, breathe it in, the biggest breath you have ever taken.

Wrap your arms around that vast storm and draw it into your center.

Within your bubble, and within you, the chaos is organized by the beat of your heart. You can hear your Heart Drum strong and slow. All the fullness becomes satiation, then clarity, then quiet.

Blow, like the wind, all this new awareness and acceptance in all four directions. Infuse your breath with the potential for good will, sweet visions, and best possible outcomes.

With gratitude, complete your journey and return to wherever you started.

Right alignment with the element of Air assists you in clearly processing 2023, visioning 2024, and, most importantly, being HERE now!

And knowing where you actually are empowers you to choose your next steps.

Use any and all of these Elemental Medicine practices as a part of your New Year visioning.

And make this a New Year to Roar about!

Wishing you and yours the best for 2024,



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