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All Fathers Healing Master Journey

June 6 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Up All Fathers Past Present Future Master Journey

Shamanic Master Journey: All Fathers Past – Present – Future

This month your Shamanic Master Journey Healing attends to the Father Wound within all of us.


Sign up HERE.

We all have a dad, and even if we never meet him, his influence remains a part of our lives. He affects our relationship with the Sacred Masculine from both the parent and child perspectives. This is beyond physical gender and includes anyone in that Father role.

How This Works:

I take a group Master Journey on behalf of everyone who has signed up. I limit the number of participants to 24 people.

You don’t attend anything. You are simply included.

During the Master Journey I work on each individual participant as well as the entire group as a whole.

Then, I make a recording to send to everyone to share the overall Master Journey experience! You can choose to listen, or not worry about it. The work is done for you!

Master Journey Healing for June:

Past: The Fathers in your blood and soul lineage sing you their stories and teach you their dances. Yet, they also give you the burden of their unhealed wounds, an endless Father Wound we all seek to soothe. Your own past is cast in their shadows, ready to be illuminated.

Present: Your current challenges may relate to the experiences of being or wanting to be a father. The struggles include parenting, estranged relationships between children and father, or perhaps the absence of knowing your father at all. 

Future: Going forward, your progeny will continue to include fathers who all draw from and contribute to the group consciousness archetype of Father. If you don’t have children, you still will incarnate again and have a future dad.

Sacred Masculine: Enhance the integration of the Sacred Masculine within, improving how we relate to masculine energies in ourselves and others. 

Father-Child Dynamics: Heal wounds and bridge gaps in relationships between children and fathers, whether present or absent, acknowledged or unknown.


  • Date: June 6, 2024
  • Location: Remote (You receive the benefits wherever you are)
  • Registration: Limited to 24 participants for optimal energy focus.


Sign up HERE.

What You Do

Nothing, except register! 

There is no Zoom, no place and time for you to be. You don’t attend anything. I do the work in Shamanic Journey space.

During the Master Journey I bring each of you into my Journey for individual work (shamanically, you stay bodily wherever you are!) , and I also work on the group as a whole. So far, each Master Journey I have taken has been such a wondrous discovery and massive healing experience.

When I wrap it up, the work is complete. You are done! It may take a day, or several, or even longer for you to feel the effects, but most people feel it quickly.

Master Journey All Fathers Past Present future

If You Want To Listen

Afterward, I will make a recording. I will get the recording out to you as soon as possible. But you don’t have to listen to it. The work is DONE!

You’ll get the email, and if/when you feel ready, take some time to sit back and listen to the report.


No active participation is required as I perform the Master Journey in the Shamanic Realms. Participants can receive profound benefits directly to their spirit and life circumstances, facilitating a deeper connection and healing in relation to the Father Archetype and the Sacred Masculine.


Sign up HERE.

Learn more about Shamanic Healing HERE.


June 6
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
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Mara Clear Spring
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