Shamanic Weather Mercury Retrograde Critical Clean-Up
The urge to purge peaks this week as we enter Mercury Retrograde in Just One More Question Gemini on Tuesday, May 10. And, you could be a bit confused about what exactly to release during this critical clean-up…


We’ve been letting go and reorganizing almost as a trauma response to the prevailing levels of insanity around us. We can’t control the latest brand of craziness breaking out world wide, but dammit that closet/garage/junk drawer is clean!
Now, as Messenger Mercury reverses (retrogrades) through his favorite sign, our minds light up at some critical clean-up point and get a little, um, stuck. We get to ruminate and investigate on that until all resolve dissolves around May 22-23, when Mercury retros back into Blissful Seas Pisces and kind of loses focus.
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About 12 hours after Mercury stations Retrograde, Empowerment King begins a whole new 12 year cycle as he enters the sign of the Breakthrough Ram, Aries! That’s a power punch to the critical clean-up as we are inspired to get going on either long-time dreams or freshen up stale lifestyle paradigms.
You’ve heard the advice “don’t start something new” during a Mercury Retrograde. However, revisiting and upgrading what’s already in motion is super-supported this time around!


Warrior God Mars is in his Spiritual Mission Mode while in Pisces. He activates those Right Action Moments in an auspicious and active balance with the Let’s Get Comfortable Taurus Sun.
And Jupiter is in a healthy relationship with Dark Lord of Transformation Pluto during this critical clean-up moment. Reach for your soul-strong inner power to meet the old script stories that threaten to trigger you and hold you back.


That implies that Merc Retro is inherently bad. Let’s reframe that as an audit of what’s happening based on which area of our lives is being re-examined. Critical Clean-Up of limiting thoughts and and self-sabotaging behaviors sounds pretty awesome to me!
Make this a retrograde to Roar about!
Namaste ~ Mara
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Art: another Cosmic Creation from Carlos Quevedo


Shamanic Weather Disclaimer

This is a general interpretation not meant to address individual natal charts, soul journeys or destiny paths. Take what works for you and leave the rest behind! Love!