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Wild Urges Sagittarius New Moon

The Adventurous Sagittarius New Moon fills you with wild urges! And although the New Moon is traditionally when you would want to initiate a fresh endeavor, the fact Messenger Mercury stations (stops to turn) Retrograde just a few hours after suggests that maybe it’s better to dream rather than take action.


Well, if you have been working on this idea for a while, and have already got some traction on implementation, then, go for it! There’s a powerful Fire Element influence pushing us…and, there are opportunities to go for a deeper burn.



With Outer You Sun and Inner You Moon aligning (the New Moon) in Fire sign Sagittarius, we all get a dose of the restless, gotta do something energy. Take Action Mars multiplies the urgency as he’s in Sagittarius as well, giving you additional wild urges. And then there’s Rebel Genius Uranus poking at you to go beyond your usual patterns and in a shift generating aspect called a quincunx.



It’s certainly activating! And you can use the Grand Earth Trine (three planets forming an equilateral triangle) to help you feel positively grounded and balanced in your choices.



Use the three points of the Trine to focus and balance the waves of your inspiration and activaton:

 ~ Messenger Mercury in Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan Capricorn – you know what you gotta do!

 ~ Wild Feminine Shadow Lilith in Please Clean Up Your Mess Virgo – and you know what’s in the way…

 ~ Empowerment King Jupiter in Let’s Get Comfortable Taurus – plant those seeds where they can grow.


What’s ready to come forth from you? Feel the tension of your Sagittarian inspiration bow as an idea-arrow is nocked and ready. 



The Air is your idea and all the thoughts, pro and con, around it. Write them, talk with a trusted friend.

The Water is your passion – Dance it up! Let body movement kindle your creation fires.

The Fire is your transformation – burn up the resistance, and burn in the desire.

The Earth is your grounding – do/find something symbolic to represent you taking ownership of your Wild Urges.

And Spirit is the letting go, the release, so mote it be.


Wild Urges can take you down, or lift you higher. I’m going for the stars.


Make it a New Moon ~ Mercury Retrograde to Roar about!

Namaste ~ Mara


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Shamanic Weather Disclaimer

This is a general interpretation not meant to address individual natal charts, soul journeys or destiny paths. Take what works for you and leave the rest behind! Love!