Come On Honey We Gotta Do This Virgo Full Moon arrives at 12:16 am Pacific Time Feb 27, 2021.

She stands alone in her half of the sky (see chart below), looking for support, yet remembering it must first come from within. Her lonely experience cracks you open, and through this process do you discover your own shining heart.

Virgo Full Moon - Your Shining Heart


We put up the big smile all the while holding back the flowing tears or angry growls. Not all of us do, and not all the time, but enough so that the feelings build up into a heavy burden that weighs down your belly tarnishes your soul.

So for this Virgo Full Moon, your shining heart and precious soul get a thorough polishing.


We have been through so much, and now bear an emotional backlog. In her Earth Goddess way, Virgo Full Moon illuminates where we need that deep cleaning and healing. She holds compassionate space. Then, she opens the floodgates in her opposition with Oceans Of Emotions Pisces Sun. Now the pent up tides can naturally flow.


Empowerment King Jupiter favorably balances (trines) with the North Node Destiny Path currently in I Have Some Questions Gemini

His beneficence boosts your magnificence. 

And although the Moon challenges (squares) the North Node, that’s not a bad thing. Virgo’s attention to detail helps you identify what parts of the journey to which you have become attached and must now surrender. It’s time.


Let your Virgo Full Moon ceremony celebrate how you can hold space for yourself as you empty the dark corners of your personal basement and fully invite your new course to be clear and bright before you. Be sure to end your ceremony with a personal treat to reward yourself. Experience renewal of the soul and your own shining heart.

Make this a Full Moon to Roar about!

Namaste ~ Mara

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Art by DarkSouls1 on Pixabay

Shamanic Weather Disclaimer

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