Venus enters Moody Scorpio on November 21, 2020. The sign of the Scorpion/Eagle/Phoenix is her detriment, where the Shadow overrides the Light of the essential feminine.
She’s raw, touchy, and passionate. Introspection doesn’t always lead to revelation, but definitely flavors the air with potent possibilities and darker notes of don’t-go-there. Argue for argument’s sake? Yessss….


Right! Venus in Scorpio is all about diving in.
How deep can you go? Our emotional barometers lose calibration, so we don’t really know when or where to stop until we exceed our previously understood limitations. She breaks through barriers. Sometimes that’s good, and sometimes…
Phoenix New Moon in Scorpio


Sometimes it’s so bad it’s really, really good. Emotional entanglements and affairs can turn sooo spicy during a Venus transit Scorpio. Just sayin’…
Bottom line: Emotions ride hard on all of us right now. We can use them as an excuse to act irrationally, or witness them to uncover our hidden beliefs and barriers. And from that new awareness we can realize some magnificent changes!
Or, go for another round of Moody Scorpio drama…
Make this a time to Roar about!
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art by DarkSouls1 at Pixabay