Shamanic Weather August 11, 2022 Super Full Moon in Aquarius

You would think we would be used to Unexpected Changes at this point, but the Big Feelings Super Full Moon in Quantum Community Aquarius proves to be a pivot point. Generational powers war with progressive mind streams. And the heart takes a powerful stance!


So much! First, the Super Full Moon peaks at 6:35 PM Pacific time 8/11/22. As with any Full Moon, “Outer You” Sun opposes (sits across the sky from) “Inner You” Moon to fully illuminate the side we can see from Earth. Our deepest feelings are revealed, and with this Moon, they’ve been Super-Sized – the Moon is on its closest point in orbit around Earth.

Challenging the Sun and Moon opposition is “Rebel Genius” Uranus conjunct (aligned with) the “Destiny Path” North Node, forming a volatile pattern called a “T-Square.” 


It’s potent! Take the Expect the Unexpected nature of anything that involves Uranus and multiply the possibilities exponentially. And since this is in fixed signs “My Heart Shines” Leo Sun, “Our Minds Align” Aquarius Moon, and at the apex of this triangle, Uranus and North Node in “I Ain’t Movin’” Taurus, it is very likely that you’ll feel highly resistant to any unexpected changes or big feelings. Just sayin’.


Since Uranus is central to this Full Moon, the disruptive, reality bending Saturn square (challenges) Uranus further amplifies the highly emotional nature of this Unexpected Changes Full Moon. 

They squared three times in 2021, and they continue to dance erratically across our senses of security, trust and values all through 2022. 


In the middle of all this, Love Goddess Venus leaves the deeply emotional sign of the Crab, Cancer, to stand up and ROAR her heart out in Leo! Her light shines awareness on what (or who!) makes us purr.

There’s so much more I could write! As an Aquarius/Leo/Leo, this Full Moon is very impactful for me on a personal level. Yet, I persevere and here you are, reading the Shamanic Weather. Now, that’s something to ROAR about!

With the Full Moon may you transmute obsolete resistance into compelling and beneficial possibilities!

Namaste ~ Mara

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Shamanic Weather Disclaimer

This is a general interpretation not meant to address individual natal charts, soul journeys or destiny paths. Take what works for you and leave the rest behind! Love!