Trickster Energy threatens to trip up our celebrations of the Halloween Blue Moon October 31, 2020. With so many ongoing challenges this year, you of course seek any escape possible to forget the tension for a few hours. But that sense of things not “normal” persists.

It’s only natural for the animal within us to become wary, protective, and anticipatory of more…stuff…happening. We seek a “safe” place to hole up in while imagining (with the help of some rather potent rhetoric) all the worst case scenarios.

There are new kinds of “What’s Next?” trickster energy monsters roaming our streets.

I Don’t Want To Cancel Halloween!

Neither do I! And we won’t. We just can’t.

Love Goddess Venus in Let’s Do This Together Libra colludes with Mad Genius Uranus to extract the joy, familiarity and creativity of Halloween. The Weird Planet Uranus is exactly conjunct this second Full Moon of October, and that means the Moon and Uranus are at the same point in the sky, 8 degrees Taurus. 

Along with Venus they charge each other up to bring us as much Halloween fun and pleasure as possible!

What About The Trickster Energy?

Unless we find a way to effectively shift the direction of our minds and hearts, that sense of dread about what could happen in and after our elections next week will continue to thwart our happiness and drain us. 

Remember, this is Scorpio season, and we are drawn into the Scorpion, Eagle and Phoenix transformation story of this deep waters sign. 

The Trickster Energy becomes a force of its own that spins stories to stay in our brains.

No More Free Rent In My Head!

Evict the unwanted tenant and move back into your beautiful heart! There is so much POWER unleashed in this Halloween Full Moon. Let that bright light illuminate the truly sweet treats and disempower the Trickster Energy.

Make this a Blue Moon to ROAR about!

Namaste ~ Mara


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Shamanic Weather Disclaimer

This is a general interpretation not meant to address individual natal charts, soul journeys or destiny paths. Take what works for you and leave the rest behind! Love!