Shamanic Weather – Seeking Satisfaction

Star crossed lovers Love Goddess Venus and Warrior God Mars may be seeking satisfaction, but their meeting challenges and oppositions this week.

And not with each other, AND as we enter the communication snafus of Mercury Retrograde in Exacting Virgo.

Venus, still retrograde and seeking the truth of her heart in Everyone Loves A Lion Leo squares (challenges) Empowerment King Jupiter. He’s in HER sign of rulership, Love Me Some Us Time Taurus, and so annoyingly reminds her of the value of being in the Earthy moments instead of exhausting herself in the Flames of Endless Seeking. (Leo’s a Fire Sign, Taurus an Earth sign, and Jupiter magnifies the what and where of everything.)

So your rebellious side may push you to extremes you regret later. Take a breath, and you’ll thank yourself for holding off a bit later. Seeking satisfaction can become a more thoughtful process.

Mars opposes (other side of sky from) Ascension or Addiction Neptune. Also known as the Spiritual Guru, Neptune is retrograde in his sign of rulership, No Boundaries Pisces. Now Mars just transited (moved) into Practical Health Virgo and is ready to take Right Action in grounding good habits, setting productive schedules, and being of service in measurable ways. 

You may find yourself torn between keeping to your plans vs following your intuition. It’s your call.

What’s worked best for you in the past, and what’s taken you down? Does your self-indulgent, avoidant side sabotage you with clever delays? Or are you pushing yourself too far, again, until you are a victim of your own overdoing? Remember the time you found your balance, and pull THAT energy pattern forward into the now.

Mercury retrograde in I Do Love A Neat Closet Virgo will hold us accountable. Expect rather intense energy as Mercury stations Retrograde on August 23, 2023. It’s a day for assessment, not decisions, and certainly not making commitments! Remember that whatever has come up over the past three weeks will likely be revisited for the next three weeks in some form.

Retrogrades are a time for inward reflection and personal exploration, cleaning up and finishing projects, not beginning new things. Again – this theme of seeking satisfaction. 

When Mercury stations retrograde we’ll have SIX planets in retrograde: Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron. When Uranus stations on 8/29, we’ll be in a rare SEVEN planet retrograde. 

Make this a week to Roar about!

Namaste ~ Mara

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Art: MJ by Mara

Shamanic Weather Disclaimer

This is a general interpretation not meant to address individual natal charts, soul journeys or destiny paths. Take what works for you and leave the rest behind! Love!

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